Meeting Date: 2/28/24 9:21 pm

Meeting Type: Special

Input Requested on Hollywood Bowl Traffic!

With the upcoming Hollywood Bowl season starting up again in April, your feedback is requested on traffic related issues, solutions, and a community meeting date!

InĀ 2022, the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council (HHWNC) established a Joint Committee to address the ongoing traffic implications as a result of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Associationā€™s management of the Hollywood Bowl.
At the Joint Committee meetings, the community got together to identify the issues of concerns and prioritized a list of recommended solutions that were outlinedĀ here.
Since then, HHWNC has been working with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, LA County representatives, LA City representatives, and other neighborhood organizations to address the ongoing traffic concerns through theĀ Los Angeles Philharmonic Association Hollywood Bowl Community Advisory Group.
The Los Angeles Philharmonic Association has limited the participation in the advisory meetings and the community is prohibited from attending.
HHWNC will host a community meeting in the coming months to:
  1. Update the 2022 list of traffic issues caused by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Associationsā€™ management of the Hollywood Bowl; and
  2. Update the list of solutions that the community is requesting to address the traffic issues.

Submit your feedback using the links below:

ISSUES:Ā What issues do you experience in the community related to Hollywood Bowl Traffic? Please click here to review the list of issues and provide your feedback on any missing items.
SOLUTIONS:Ā What solutions would you like to see implemented to solve the issues related to Hollywood Bowl Traffic? Please click here to review the list of solutions collated and provide your feedback on any missing items.
MEETING:Ā A special ‘Hollywood Bowl United Community Group’ meeting will be held over Zoom to review the feedback given in the links above and and develop a formal approach and timeline to address the issues and implement solutions. Please click here to indicate your interest in attending this meeting and select the date and time that works best for you to attend.

If you have pictures, videos, or other feedback regarding neighborhood traffic issues caused by Hollywood Bowl events, please email them toĀ [email protected]

On Wednesday, February 9, 6:00 PM, the Joint Committees of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council will hold a meeting to discuss the Hollywood Bowl and its seasons, the traffic issues that are created, with possible solutions.

Please join us.

Agenda 2-9-22, Hollywood Bowl Issues Final