Red Cross Presentation Notes:

-In emergencies, they do sheltering and family reunifications services for LAFD. They provide shelter, meals, bathrooms, showers, a safe place. Blue tape – 40 sf space with a cot.  They have many shelter agreements (MOU) with locations now and will broadcast which ones are open after a disaster (news, city notification alerts). Depending on the site, crate trained animals will be accepted. If it is a service animal, they will accept. After a disaster, you can list yourself at the Safe and Well site.

-Recommends everyone be prepared for 7 to 14 days before they receive any help.

-LA has two mega contracts to bring food and water here in two days.

-It takes the red cross 3 days to mobilize before they can help. They said hospitals need about 3 days before they can take in new patients (they need the first three days to handle their own patient issues from the disaster). The recent community HELP drill conducted in Hollywood last week assumed it was the 3rd day after the disaster. We need to take care of ourselves without support for at least three days.

-They have 800k cots and blankets stored in LA county.

-If you want to volunteer after a disaster you will first take a 3-hour training. To work at a shelter you need a background check first. They often need people to go through donated items.

-Supply 40% of blood supply

-Do smoke alarm installations

-Have programming for seniors and children

-5 areas in Los Angeles – 2 full-time staff in each area

-Supported by volunteers (except two full-time staff of the area). After WWII one in two Americans were members of the Red Cross. They are asking us to return to those participation rates.