Area 9’s boundaries are Laurel Canyon Blvd. on the west, Mulholland Drive on the north, Torreyson/Flynn Ranch and Seattle Drive on the east, and the Willow Glen corridors on the south.

Our neighborhood working together to share information and concerns, set priorities and improve our community. Our work has focused on improving the city’s delivery of services in our area, traffic problems and new home building/developments in our area. It continues to do so.

Your Committee Chair

Richard Klug | Chair



Area 9 Chair Opening

The Area 9 chair position is vacating on Feb 15th at 9 pm. Candidates who are stakeholders in Area 9 are now welcome to submit their names & statements of interest to [email protected] by Wednesday 2/12/20 by 5pm. An election…
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2961 Briar Knoll Drive

The Briar Knoll Group LLC has applied to the City’s Planning Department for permission to build a new single family residence on the vacant lot at 2961 Briar Knoll Drive, which is approximately 8,732 square feet. The proposed house would…
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7681 Willow Glen

George Mathew owns 7681 Willow Glen. Mr. Matthew is asking the City’s Planning Department for approval to demoish the existing 1712 square foot single family house there and construct a new 3-story house (7,339  square feet) with a new attached…
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7766 Torreyson Drive

Mark Haddaway owns the John Lautner designed Harpo House on Torreyson Drive. Mr. Haddaway is asking the City for permission to construct a three story single family house on an adjacent lot, which would be known as 7764 Torreyson Drive.…
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