Create a more livable community and city by establishing an open line of communication between the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council (HHWNC), the government, neighboring councils, and the Hollywood Neighborhood Council (HNC). Develop in the Stakeholders a sense of personal pride and responsibility for their neighborhood and their city. Assist the City and other neighborhoods in finding solutions to common problems. Provide an open process by which all Stakeholders of the HHWNC may involve themselves in the affairs of the community. Educate stakeholders so they can make informed decisions about the quality and condition of their communities. Promote the well-being of each and every neighborhood within its boundaries.
A “Stakeholder” is anyone that lives, works or owns property in a designated neighborhood.Types of stakeholders are: Resident, Business, Educational, Religious, Non-Profit and Non-Resident Property Owner.


In 1999, the new Los Angeles City Charter created neighborhood councils as quasi city entities to advise those in government who are making decisions that affect our lives. During the neighborhood council certification process, the City was divided into many geographic areas and a neighborhood council in each area was empowered to represent the respective communities. Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council was certified on May 7, 2002 to serve every person having a stake within its borders.

All of the Board and committee meetings are open to the public and provide you with an opportunity to speak (download a speaker card). The board procedures are more formal than committee meetings so your time to address the Board may be limited. Committee meetings are generally informal, and discussions between participants are commonplace. This is important because the heart of Neighborhood Council work happens at committee meetings.

Nine (9) Area Committees, geographically divided, (see Map) deal with local area matters. Nine (9) Issue Committees deal with more global concerns.

Download HHWNC Boundaries Map PDF with our 9 Areas designated.

You are free to attend any Meeting, but to really get involved we recommend you Sign Up and join committees that interest you. We also have a number of email Mail Lists to which you can subscribe in order to stay informed and current.

If you are new to the area or neighborhood councils, read through the site to get a feel of all the activities and issues. You can see each committee’s meeting schedule, next meeting agenda, and even an archive of past meeting minutes. If a committee intrigues you, go to its next meeting, introduce yourself to the committee chair and Join. If a committee is not chaired and you have a desire to chair it, please contact the President or Vice President or attend our next Board Meeting and introduce yourself.

We’ve created this Website to provide information, discuss issues, and encourage and fortify our Hollywood neighborhood community. Thank you for your interest and volunteerism!

HHWNC – Bylaws

Ralph M. Brown Act – Overview and full text

Stakeholder – Neighborhood Council membership is open to all Stakeholders. “Stakeholders” shall be defined as everyone who lives, works or owns real property in the neighborhood and also to those who declare a stake in the neighborhood as a community interest stakeholder, defined as a person who affirms a substantial and ongoing participation within the neighborhood council’s boundaries and who may be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious organizations.