Emergency Services, Police & Fire addresses issues related to emergency services affecting the stakeholders of our Neighborhood Council boundaries. Issues include police and fire services, enforcement, community policing, public safety, and emergency preparedness.

We are looking for talented Los Angeles RYLAN (Ready Your LA Neighborhood) leaders! Prepare your micro community (block) for emergencies. This is how you can partner with our cyclical earthquakes and natural disasters. Feel the communal power of block organization and preparation. The city will help you every step of the way and lead your meeting. Blocks prepare for natural disasters much more successfully than individuals can.

Consider being a high level leader in the new CERT affiliated program which centralizes groups of blocks into neighborhoods. Check out the  Neighborhood Team Program. This is a fantastic new system and you can help your entire neighborhood by joining the team.

Public Safety Resources

Map of Fire and Police Stations
Hospital Finder

Police & Security

Emergency: 911  
Non emergency:  877-ask LAPD (877 275-5273)
Report an issue with: call 311 or use the app: MyLA311 or online: www.myla311.lacity.org
(community issues including homelessness and scooters, etc.)

Hollywood Community Police Station  – (213) 972-2971 – 1358 N. Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood

Senior Lead Officers:
6A15 – Heather Mata, [email protected], 213-793-0710 (AREA  1 & 3)
On Leave 6A31 – Ralph Sanchez (currently on medical leave), [email protected], 213-793-0704 (AREA  2, 4, 5, 6, 7 west of Sierra Bonita, 8 & 9)
Active – 10/25/21 – 6A31 – Braxton Tatum (acting SLO for Ralph Sanchez), (323) 337-3033 (AREA 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 west of Sierra Bonita, 8 & 9) [email protected] (email is the best way to contact)
6A45 – Brian Oliver, [email protected], 213-793-0703 (AREA  7 east of Sierra Bonita)
6S1(HED) – Ben Thompson, [email protected], 424-210-6531 (Hollywood Entertainment District & Party House Enforcement)

Brian White –  [email protected]  – 213-793-0710 (Hollywood Entertainment District)

View Hollywood SLO Car Map

North Hollywood Community Police Station – (818) 754-8300 – 11640 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood

Senior Lead Officers:
Kurtis Delbar, [email protected], (818) 754-8300

LAPD Resources:
Lock It, Hide It, Keep It (items in your car)
Neighborhood Watch Program can be “turbo charged” when combined with a RYLAN  program.
LAPD Community Volunteer Program   Includes a great training program.

L.A. City Attorney – Mike Feuer

Useful Links:
Good Neighbor Brochure – Information on noise restrictions and other issues.
Mediation – Free professional mediation between you and your neighbors and even the LAPD (great program).
Homelessness – Great information source to understand all the issues.
L.A. County Senior Fraud – information on scams focused on seniors.

Emergency Preparation – Earthquakes, Fires, and Mega Floods

Don’t put your head in the sand. Review the easy to follow LAFD guide. It is full of great graphics and information that will warm you up for the preparation journey. For a more detailed and specific guide, take a look at our HHWNC Community Emergency Plan. If you want to jump right into emergency activism, be a trailblazer for HHWNC and lead a RYLAN program sponsored by the city. HHWNC and your community will thank you! Learn more about all of this in the LAFD guide.


Everything You Need to Know (checklists and detailed information) – Download now so you have them if the power is out.

Los Angeles Fire Department – Emergency Preparation Guide
(41 pages easy to read with graphics)

HHWNC Community Emergency Plan – September 2019
(59 pages – our detailed guide to preparing yourself and your block. Includes hospital locations.)

Other Guides and Information

Businesses: Quake Smart or Open for Business
Kids: Rockets Rules  – My Safe LASesame Street    
Seniors: Red Cross  –  My Safe LA for Fire 
Property Managers: Safety PreparednessTips-PropertyManagers Emergency Plan Apartment Buildings
Earthquake Safety: Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety

A. Five Things You Can Do Right Now!

1 – Sign Up for Notify LA – This is crucial for emergency notification from the LA Emergency Management Department
2 – Skim the LAFD Emergency Guide (you can study it later)
3 – Place sturdy shoes, a flash light, and an AM radio next to or under your bed (most injuries happen from people cutting their feet and falling, especially in the dark).
4 – Download My Shake (state earthquake early warning system)
5 – Commit to memory what to do during an earthquake in different places. Drop, Cover and Hold On.

* ShakeAlertLA (earthquake early warning system) was discontinued by the city in favor of the state app:  My Shake

B. An Overview of Things You Need to Do – See Guides for More Detailed Information

  • Make a plan with other family members of what to do during an emergency. Check the LAFD Emergency Guide or FEMA Ready
  • Make your home a safe place to be in an emergency. If you sleep, it is the most likely place you will be when it happens:
  • Check if your home’s foundation needs to be retrofitted. The state has a rebate program CEA Brace and Bolt. Contact a retrofit contractor or structural engineer to check your home’s foundation.
  • If you live in or near the hills, fire-safe your house. Cal FireLAFD Fire Safety
  • Secure your objects from falling over and severely injuring you in an earthquake. Bookcases, dressers, TVs, water heaters, and large appliances. Remove anything hanging near your bed and move it away from windows that can shatter. Earthquake Country and Easy Check List
  • Locate your water and gas shut off valves. Place the tools (or an all in one) near their locations for easy access. Locate your electrical breaker panel and find the main breaker (turn off the smaller breakers first). Lines break during natural disasters. Photo of Shut Off Valves
  • Create “Go Bags” for each family member so you can evacuate very quickly if your house becomes unsafe. This should include a few days of food, traveling supplies and a copy of all important information and phone numbers. You should also have one in the car and one at work. Easy Check List.
  • Remember a bag for each of your pets. Make sure you have a way to comfortably transport them. Have them micro chipped encase you are separated. LA County Animal Care
  • Prepare to be without any services or utilities for 7 to 14 days (like camping):
  • Set aside one to two weeks of water (one gallon per person per day), food (including pets), medication, and extra cash in small bills (min. $200 to $300). Canned food or camping food is easy to store. If space is tight, water can be stored under the bed. Easy Check List. Example local supplier: SOS Supplies
  • Get a very good first aid kit to “self-care” any injuries to yourself, family, or neighbors for at least three days.
  • Camping gear (very basic) so you can evacuate and bring your shelter with you. Redcross shelters are just cots in a big room and may not be available.
  • Consider a small backup generator or solar backup to charge your phone and provide minimum lighting. If you have medication that needs refrigeration, this is a must. Example items: Goal Zero
  • Some tools to turn off your gas and water mains and to help others that may be trapped. Gloves, goggles, gas/water shutoff, crowbar, and hammer. You can find these at any hardware store.

A disaster can bankrupt you:

  • Get earthquake and flood insurance for your house and belongings. Many people are forced to walk away from their houses because they don’t have the money to rebuild after a disaster. CA Dept. of Insurance and  California Earthquake Insurance
  • Keep a rainy day savings fund for job interruptions. Your work may be paused or terminated after a disaster.

Prepare and enhance your life skills with emergency preparation training:

  • Community Emergency Response Team training CERT
  • CPR and Basic First Aid. Red Cross

Organize your block or building:

  • You can start by being an information leader. Be a Block Connector, contact [email protected] for more info.
  • Use the Los Angeles RYLAN The city will help you every step of the way and be at your meeting. Communities prepare for natural disasters much more efficiently and successfully than individuals. Email [email protected] for more information.

C. Background Informational Videos

D. Some Facts to Consider:

  • Earthquakes: Los Angeles current Building Codes require new buildings to be designed for a 90% chance of not collapsing (no deaths) in a large, cyclical earthquake. Building codes do not ensure that buildings will be usable after a large quake.
  • Fires: urban – wildlife interface zones with histories of cyclical fires are dangerous to put buildings and houses on. Many fires are also expected to occur after large, cyclical earthquakes from broken gas lines and sparking electrical lines. If you live in one of these zones, you must take preparation very seriously and develop a plan with your neighbors (RYLAN) to help manage these dangers together.
  • Our infrastructure: Power, gas, water, sanitation lines have not historically been built to withstand earthquakes or flooding. Many large, critical, old and brittle utility lines pass directly over the San Andreas fault. Expect to live for weeks to months without utilities after a large, cyclical earthquake or flood. No power, no shower, no flushing toilets. This will cripple the economy of Los Angeles and create a mass exodus until the basics are functioning again.

Yearly Emergency Events:

The California Great Shake Out – Third Thursday of October Each Year. The city wide earthquake drill.
Valley Disaster Fair – A Saturday in October, please check site for details. The largest emergency preparation event in the city.

Your Committee Chair

Paul Jenkins | Chair



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