Proposed 4 Unit Small Lot Subdivision (SLS)

PROPOSED PROJECT: A Small-lot Preliminary Parcel Map to allow 4 detached single family dwellings and 8 parking spaces on an approximately 6,600 square foot lot in the R3-1 Zone.
The Associate Zoning Administrator shall consider: Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) Section 12.28, a 10-foot front yard in lieu of the required 15 feet; a 3-foot side yards in lieu of the required 6 feet; a 2-inch building separation in lieu of the required 10 feet. 

Hearing By: Deputy Advisory Agency
Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Time: 9:50 am
Place: Los Angeles City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street Room 1020-Los Angeles, CA 90012
Staff Contact: Phone No.: Kevin Golden (213) 978-1396

Case No.: AA-2013-2337-PMLA-SL ZA-2013-2339-ZAA

CEQA No.: ENV-2013-2338-MND

With regard to 1349 N. Gardner Street, which is in HHWNC’s area 7, Amir Haber has applied to the Planning Department for approval, aka vesting of a tentative tract map, for a 4 unit small lot subdivision on the site. The lot currently has a vacant house.The application state that the lot is 6,600 square feet, and that the four units in this proposed subdivision would range from 1,123 square feet to 1,393 square feet.
Meeting the minimum width of 16′ to qualify under the Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance seems to be dependent on getting rid of the side yards which otherwise would be required. ¬†Please note that the application states that¬†Mr. Haber also is applying for either a reduction or elimination of side lot yards.¬†
The site plan indicates a request for the elimination of the side yard setback to zero and a possible reduction of the rear yard setback, not otherwise mentioned in the application.
The applicant’s representative, Regina Minor, is contact person for she may be reached at (818) 905-8423 and[email protected]. ¬†
The Planning Department’s case no. is AA 2013-2337.¬†On February 24, 2014, revised plans were shared with HHWNC. Copies of the revised tentative tract map and the site plan are attached below.