1708 N. Las Palmas-formerly operated as Angels & Kings

Case no. is ZA 2012-2850.

The Planning Dept. has scheduled a public hearing to consider this application on thursday, April 18, 2013 at 9:30 am at LA City Hall’s room 1020.

HHWNC Area 3 

1708 Las Palmas: ¬†Adolfo Suaya, through his company, What’s On Third, Inc. has filed an amended application asking for a conditional use permit for the on-site sale and consumption of a full line of alcoholic beverages in conjunction wtih an existing 1,800 square foot restaurant with a bar. ¬†The prior operator, The Dolce Group, operated the site as Angels & Kings. That operation has terminated and a new operator, Vincent Laressca, is proposing a new operation for the site. ¬†¬†

With the bar, there would be up to 80 seats. The amended application asks to add 15 additional seats within the public right of way along Hollywood Blvd. and Las Palmas for outdoor dining.  The proposed hours of operation would be expanded under the requests made in the amended application.  The new request is for hours of operation from 10 am to 4 am monday to friday, and 8 am to 4 am on saturday and sunday.  The amended application also asks the Planning Department for additional approvals, including requests for permission to have karaoke events and live entertainment playing music.  For special sporting events, permission to impose a viewing charge is also being sought under the amended application.   

The Planning Department’s case no. is ZA 2012-2850.

The applicant is continuing to argue to the Planning Department that the restaurant, which has been on the site for the last 11 years with a conditional use permit to sell a full line of alcoholic beverages is doing so under a permit which “runs with the land”. ¬†They are applying for this as a new permit even though they are arguing that there is no need for a renewal or extension of the prior pemit, which they argue applies to the property, rather than to the business operating on the property.

Michael Gonzales, Esq. will be making the presentation on behalf of the applicant and the new operator(s).