2001 Hillcrest Road is an apartment building in HHWNC’s area 4. Currently, there are 6 parking spaces for the units in the apartment building.
Deidre Ryan, the building’s owner, is applying to the Planning Department for a variance in order to legalize some of the units in the building. It seems that parking is required for all of the building’s 4 units, and that two units do not have any parking now.  The variance would allow those units to exist without any parking on the site. The application refers to how there is some current parking on City land.
It doesn’t appear that new construction of apartment units or parking spaces is being provided, but this should be confirmed.  The application doesn’t provide clear explanations of what is being sought.
The Planning Department’s case no. is ZA 2013-2181.  Ms. Ryan didn’t provide a phone no. or email address on our copy. The contact person for additional information is Alex Woo at Genesis Consulting Inc., who can be reached at (213) 268-8575 and via a link which may be available at www.genesisinc.com.