Not only nationally, but locally, elections are being held in 2016.  Your local Neighborhood Council, the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council (HHWNC) will hold elections for all board positions.  The election is Sunday, May 1, 12 pm – 4pm at the Will & Ariel Durant Library, 71410 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.

The HHWNC Board is a City of Los Angeles advisory panel.  It provides input to the City Council on a wide range of issues from the annual city budget, to development projects proposed in the area, infrastructure issues and emergency services.  The City provides the HHWNC Board with an annual budget to support community improvement projects and neighborhood needs.  If you would like to help provide input on development issues and the expenditure of City funds, consider running for a seat on the Board.

There are 23 positions up for election to two-year terms.  There are five Executive Committee positions; President, First Vice President (who serves as Chair of the Planning and Land Use Management Committee), Second Vice President (who is also Parliamentarian), Secretary and Treasurer.  In addition, there are nine area committee chairs who represent geographic areas within the HHWNC boundaries and there are issue committee chairs who focus on the following issues:

  1. Transportation (includes traffic, parking, public transportation, bicycles)
  2. Community Enrichment (includes education and cultural resources)
  3. Business
  4. Infrastructure (includes utilities and street services)
  5. Housing (includes homelessness and social services)
  6. Public Safety (includes emergency services, police and fire)
  7. Environment
  8. Parks & Open Space
  9. Outreach/Public Events

Are You Ready to Vote?

In order to vote for a candidate, you need to register as a stakeholder. Fill out the form and bring it with you or you can fill it out at the polls on election day.

Get ready to vote and See Who is Running

You can Volunteer to be a Poll Worker

Become active in your Hollywood Hills West neighborhood!  There are many important decisions facing the HHWNC Board and our City Council representatives in the next two years.  Make your voice heard by joining the Board or supporting candidates who represent your interests.