The 16+ acre parcel downslope from Astral and Solar Drive, which is in HHWNC’s area 6, includes “the pink house” and additional acreage.
Fort Ashford Funds, LLC is based in Aliso Viejo, CA.  The funds have filed an application with the City’s Planning Department to subdivide the parcel into four legal lots so that three single family houses could be built now, and to build a 24 foot wide private road to reach some of the lots. Some wild life conservation easement(s) and public easement(s) are included in the proposed subdivision. There could be additional construction on an 8 acre lot which will be left undeveloped for the time being.
The Planning Dept’s case no. is AA 2013-3161-PMLA.
Fort Ashford Funds, LLC can be reached at (949) 333-3133 and [email protected].  The same Ms. Gershon referred to in item no. 3 is also the contact person for additional information about this proposed project.