The City’s Planning Department sent us a copy of an application which was filed with regard to 2700 Woodstock Road. The applicant is asking for a zoning administrator’s determination in the form an adjustment to allow him to forego having to widen the portion of Woodstock Road adjacent to 2700 Woodstock Road to a 20 feet width. 
The application mentions that the application is being made in connection with another application, which is not part of this, to replace the existing house with a 9,000 square foot house.  The application states that “Strict adherence will place an impractical financial burden on the homeowner, which could place the project in jeopardy. In addition, cooperation of nearby homeowners to dedicate road easements where the roadway is adjacent to the edge of  the right of way may be difficult or impossible to obtain.  Another part of the application states that “This places the fate of the project in the hands of a third party who may or may not want to cooperate by granting an easement. Improving these sections place a heavy and impractical burden on the homeowner.”  
The third party is not identified by name of address.
The Planning Dept.’s case no. is ZA 2013-1734.