Proposed New Construction

On December 23, 2013, the City’s Planning Department ok’d an application for filing with regard to 3696, which is a 7,100 square foot lot. ¬†Farzin Maly is proposing to demolish an existing structure, which is 1,072 square feet, and build three (3) new apartment units with six (6) parking spaces in what seems to be two buildings. Each of the buildings would be two stories and have a substerranean garage. ¬†753 cubic yards would be cut and exported, which is below the threshold (1,000) cubic yards) for requiring a haluage route hearing at the Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety.

Mr. Maly is proposing that the larger of the two buildings be adjacent to Fredonia’s roadway. A driveway would connect the larger building’s basement parking area¬†to Fredonia Drive. The smaller building would be downslope from Fredonia Drive and the larger building, but would be above a vacated alley at the bottom of the lot. ¬†The proposed project seems to include a driveway connecting that alley to the smaller building’s basement parking area.

The two buildings would have 6,117 square feet. The existing structure is 14 feet high. The proposed structures would be 34 feet high.

The total lot coverage percentage would be 49.7%.