The Planning Dept.’s case no. is DIR 2013 2241. The Mulholland Design Review Board will consider the application for the first time at the MDRB’s March 6th meeting in Van Nuys, which begins at 6:30 p.m.
The site is zoned RD1.5-1. Currently, it is a vacant lotOn August 6, 2013, the City’s Planning Dept. ok’d an application to the Mulholland Design Review Board and the Planning Dept. for filing with regard to 3910 Kentucky Drive. David Aviv is proposing to build a new 4-story apartment building with 8 units and underground parking, roof decks and a common open area with a pool.  4,380 cubic yards of material would be cut and exported from the site to permit the project’s construciton; this raises haulauge route issues, which would be under the LA Department of Building & Safety’s jurisdiciton for a determination by the LA Building & Safety Commission. The entitlement process with the MDRB and the Planning Dept. is a separate matter (but, obviously, related and important because that would be a lot of dirt to haul down and out via Kentuky Drive, which is a narrow road).

3910 Kentucky Drive is a 12,038 square foot lot.

Mr. Aviv is proposing that the new apartment building would be 12,934 square feet, which would consist of 8,739 square feet for the apartments and 4,195 square feet for the garage/parking structure. On the plans, there are two tandem parking spaces for each unit, and one handicapped space for the 8 apartments.  There seems to be no guest parking spaces provided.  There would be 3,088 square feet of open decks and a common pool area. Each unit would have 300 sqauare feet of private patio area.

The total lot coverage percentage would be 61.57%.