The applicant, Urban Ramen, located at 7300 W. Sunset in the Sunset-Fuller Plaza, (south-west corner of Sunset Blvd and Fuller) is requesting a Type 41 liquor license to serve beer and wine, with proposed hours of operation 10am to 4am daily and alcohol sales 10am to 2am daily for both indoor and on an outdoor patio area, in lieu of the current commercial corner zoning that doesn’t allow any operations after 11pm.
The restaurant has 41 interior seats and requesting an additional 20 seats for their outdoor dining on  the public right of way-sidewalk, Sunset Blvd.
The Sunset Fuller Plaza has 34 total shared parking spaces on site. There will be seven (7) employees.
Applicant: Toshihiro Tamura
Company: OECY Company Inc. Urban Ramen
Project Contact Person: Kevin Franklin  (213) 706-6997