The Applicant, Chipotle, is requesting a Conditional Use Permit (‚ÄúCUB‚ÄĚ) to allow the continued on-site sale¬†and service of alcoholic beverages at its location at 7660 Sunset Boulevard (‚ÄúSite‚ÄĚ). Chipotle is currently¬†open and has a previous CUB [Case No. ZA 2010-0941 (CUB) (“Existing Approval”)], which approved the¬†restaurant to serve a full line of alcoholic beverages pursuant to a type 47 ABC license. The Applicant¬†currently holds a type 41 ABC license (beer and wine), but would continue to like the operational flexibility¬†to upgrade the license in order to add margaritas to its offerings at a future date. The request herein is¬†only a renewal and operational in nature. Chipotle opened in March 2011, and has served beer since its¬†opening date. The restaurant is 1,511 s.f. and provides 35 seats ‚Äď 17 seats inside and 18 seats on the¬†outdoor patio. Alcohol is not served on the patio at this time.

Chipotle 7660 W Sunset