Mark Haddaway owns the John Lautner designed Harpo House on Torreyson Drive.

Mr. Haddaway is asking the City for permission to construct a three story single family house on an adjacent lot, which would be known as 7764 Torreyson Drive.  The proposed house is an updated version of the guest house for the Harpo House which Mr. Lautner designed decades ago when the Harpo House was built in the 1950s.

The proposed house would be 2,531 square feet.  The main floor and mezzanine floor above it would have 1,139 square feet.  The lower floor would have 641 square feet (it’s referred to as the basement for technical reasons, but it’s not a standard basement).  It would be a storage area. The garage would be 500 square feet, and there is an additional 251 square feet of patio/outdoor space.

790 cubic yards would be cut.  695 square feet would be exported. 95 cubic yards would be used as fill.

A copy of the application for the proposed project is attached as a pdf.

The proposed project will be considered at an upcoming (but as yet unscheduled) Mulholland Design Review Board meeting.

If you have any questions about the proposed project, please contact Randall Akers, who is Mr. Haddaway’s represenative, at [email protected] or (601) 251-0656.