1. Department of City Planning Application_Signed
2. Environmental Assessment Form_Signed
3. Site Photo Exhibit
4. SB 330 Preliminary Application Referral Form
6. Attachment A – 7901 W Sunset Blvd
7. Sunset Entitlement Plan Set
8. ZIMAS Profile Report

In June, Daniel Taban filed an application with the City’s Planning Department on behalf of Skyview Sunset LLC. The application asks the department to approve replacing the Arco gas station with a proposed mixed use residential building with 62 residential rental units, including 5 units (8%) to be allocated to provide Extremely Low Income affordable housing. There would be over 6,300 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor. The total proposed project is 57,215 square feet.

The proposed building would be 7 stories high. There would be one level of subterranean parking, two levels of above grade parking, and an additional 5 stories over the parking levels to provide the residential rental units. The proposed project would be 85 feet high to the top of the roof, and 95 feet and 8 1/2 inches to the top of the building’s proposed architectural features/screening.

The proposed project would use the Transit Oriented Communities Incentives. It would use Tier 1 by right, and asks for additional incentives, such as easing the transitional height rules which otherwise would apply to housing development in commercial zones by using any or all of the yard setback requirements. Site plan review approval is also being requested.

The proposed project would include 51 residential parking spaces, and 37 commercial parking spaces, for a total of 88 parking spaces. There would be 55 residential bicycle parking spaces; 5 spaces would be for short term bike parking, and 50 spaces would be for long term bike parking. There would be an additional 12 commercial bicycle parking spaces, which would be divided evenly (6 and 6) between short and long term bike parking.

The Planning Department’s case no. is DIR 2020-3348.