8150 SUNSET BLVD (Crescent Heights & Sunset Blvd)
8150 Sunset Blvd DEIR Released NEW

Draft Environmental Impact Reports (DEIR)

COMMENT DUE DATE: The review period for the Draft EIR begins onNovember 20, 2014 and ends on January 20, 2015 (Tom LaBonge’s office had previously conveyed a Jan. 23 date after HHWNC requested Jan. 22).

If you wish to submit comments regarding the Draft EIR, please reference the file number above and submit in writing, preferably by e-mail, by Tuesday, January 20, 2015 no later than 4:00 P.M. You may also submit comments directly by clicking on “Submit & View Comments” link found within the Draft EIR page ( 8150 Sunset Boulevard ).

The City has posted a Notice of Extension of the public review period for the Draft EIR for the Project, which is available at the following link:http://cityplanning.lacity.org/eir/8150%20Sunset/DEIR/8150SunsetDEIR_CommentPeriodExtensionLtrSigned.pdf.
You are invited to submit your written comments on the Draft EIR to the Department of City Planning via email at [email protected], or via regular mail using the contact information provided below, until January 20, 2015.

Please reference City Case No. ENV-2013-2552-EIR in your comments.

Master Land Use Application – Tentative Tract Map
CLICK HERE to view Application РSeptember 4, 2014
Click Here¬†“Environmental Leadership Development Project” (ELDP)
NOTE: To review “Environmental Leadership Development Project” (ELDP) application and submitted information regarding 8150 Sunset Blvd. ¬†ScrollDown past the text to Project Information Box.¬†See 8150 Sunset Boulevard Office of Planning and Research – California Jobs (AB 900)
 Demolish existing commercial buildings and construct a mixed-use commercial / residential development with approximately 111,000 sf of commercial uses (approximately 25,000 sf organic grocery, 51,000 sf of retail uses, 22,000 sf of restaurant uses, 8,000 sf of fitness uses and 5,000 sf of bank uses) and 249 dwelling units with approximately 222,564 sf of floor area.
Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 72370 for the subdivision of prosperity to create ground and airspace lots, and for condominium purposes.
Listed pending case: CPC-2013-2551-CUB-ZV-DB-SPR; ENV-2013-2552-EIR
Applicant’s Name: Tyler Siegel ¬†Company; AG SCH 8150 Sunset Boulevard Owner, LP (310) 285-7081
Project Contact Person; Jeff Haber – Edgar Khalatian and Michael Nytzen
Phone: (213) 627-0705
Tyler Siegel, on behalf of AG SCH 8150 Sunset Boulevard Owner, LP, filed an application with the City of Los Angeles’ Planning Department to demolish the existing shopping center and redevelop the approximately 2.56 acre site. The Planning Dept.’s case no. is CPC 2013-2551-CUB-ZV-DB-SPR.¬†
The owner is applying for permission to build a mixed use commercial/residential development.  
The project is proposing taking the traffic island at Sunset/Crescent Heights and incorporating it into the site as additional open public space. The traffic and parking aspects of the proposed project undoubtedly will generate additional discussion. ¬†While 849 parking spaces are included in the proposal, 295 parking spaces would be for residential units, and 554 parking spaces would be for the commercial parking. ¬†A large percentage of the total parking spaces would be allocated to “compact”, rather than regular size cars. ¬†Bicycle parking stalls are part of the proposal too.¬†
The project itself would consist of 110,000 square feet of commercial space along Sunset and Crescent Heights, where the project height would be two stories. Two apartment buildings are being proposed.  One apartment building would be a 108 foot high, 9-story apartment building on the south side of the site along Crescent Heights. The second and taller apartment building would be a 191 foot high, 16-story apartment building along the south side of the site along Havenhurst Drive. The art storage facility is located there now.
The two apartment buildings would provide 249 residential apartments, including 28 for “Very Low Income Households”. Various amenities such as a community room, a gym and a pool are included in the proposal. The developer is electing to qualify for various bonuses provided by the Planning Department for building affordable housing and building near transit stops. ¬†The project would have a 3:1 floor area ratio.¬†
As part of the commercial space in the project, the applicant is asking for four conditional use permits for restaurants which would allow the sale of a full line of alcoholic beverages from 8 am to 2 am daily. Outdoor dining and sales of alcohol are part of the application, but the outdoor dining would be on private property in the project.
The applicant also is asking for a variance to obtain permission to put a substantial portion of the outdoor dining on rooftops, and to hold special events on those rooftops.  Putting outdoor dining above the first floor would seem to require a variance; so, the flow of noise to the upslope residential areas will need to be looked at too.
There are other variances and discretionary agency actions being requested, including to eliminate a 16 foot side yard requirement which otherwise would apply, and to allow a gym to be one of the commercial tenants.
The proposed project will be considered in an environmental impact statement; so, the community will have plenty of opportunities to weigh in. However, we’re hoping to work with the applicant(s) to set up one or more informational presentations before that formal process gets underway. ¬†
Gabe Kramer is the communications consultant at Marathon Communications for the project. ¬†He can be reached at (323) 655-4660 and¬†[email protected].
Jeff Haber, Esq. at Paul Hastings is listed as the lead contact person for the project. ¬†He can be reached at (213) 683-6000 and¬†[email protected].¬†¬†¬†