Meeting Date: 08/19/04 07:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Women’s Club
1749 N. La Brea Ave.
(between Franklin and Hollywood)
The meeting will be in the auditorium


THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 2004 7:30 to 9 PM
Women’s Club
1749 N. La Brea Ave.
(between Franklin and Hollywood)
The meeting will be in the auditorium



Presentation by DS Ventures of its proposed development of dwellings on ‘Hollywood Bungalows’ site

Question and answers on presentation (3 minutes per speaker if necessary)

Public comment on items not on the agenda

HHWNC Joint Committee Meeting
Cahuenga Lofts Meeting
19 August 2004, 7:30 p.m.

Joint Meeting of the following committees: Emergency Services, Traffic and Parking, Hollywood Knolls, Yucca, and Outpost Committee. Vince Vitale took the following notes.

The meeting was presided over by John Connolly, Parliamentarian, HHWNC.

This is a first look on a projected development on Cahuenga Pass.

The agenda does not have any provision for voting. It is a deliberation meeting, not a voting meeting.

Before the presentation of the developers, Dan Bernstein addressed surveys he brought for the Los Angeles city budget. The City Budget for 2005-2006 will have a shortfall similar to this year, and so we can put forth our preferences to the Mayor and so we can lobby for what we want. The survey was created by the Mayor. Dan encouraged people to fill out the survey and send it in. We will be voting on it by the 23rd of September.

John Connelly emphasized the importance of the budget survey. Filling it out legitimizes our participation in the budget process. To give HHWNC a voice in the budget process, we must have 200 surveys filled out from our part of the city.

The Parliamentarian asked all the Chairs of the various HHWNC committees and areas to stand and present themselves. Among them were Vince Vitale, Chair of Environment; Charles Alvare, Chair of Area 2; Conrad Schoeffler, Chair of Area 4; John Hartmann, Chair of Traffic; Anastasia Mann, Chair of Area 5; Paul Ramsey, Chair of Area 1.

The Presentation of D.S. Ventures

David Schwartzman, President of D.S. Ventures gave an overview of what the project involves. He said it is currently a hotel/motel property in run-down condition and would be razed. He said the new project would be an improvement to the property.

R. J. Comer, attorney for D.S. Ventures, the developer of the site, then addressed the zoning of the site. He made the following comments. He said they have met with neighbors of the property to find out what is on their minds related to the project. The Hollywood Bungalows is an under-used site. The site is built into the hillside in an unimaginative way. The multi-family units would remediate and preserve the way the density is placed on the site. They propose the density is far-less than what the zoning would allow, 80 as opposed to 100 which would be allowed. They believe the lower number is because it is a better use of the site. They went to the DOT, and they asked for trip-credits. According to him, the site generates only 18 trips. They did a traffic study and took the trip credits and narrowed them. This project envisions the idea it is appropriate to the neighborhood and the site. The Density is under 1/3 of the allowable density. He said we are early in the process. There has not been a hearing in LA yet.

The architect then spoke and explained the plan. The architectural character of the building has parking which is completely below grade, with two full-levels. Everyone gets 2.5 stalls per unit. He showed site plans and discussed them.

A Question and Answer period followed the presentation of the architect.

Anastasia Mann, Chair of Area 5, asked questions first. Mann’s questions related to developers’ misrepresentations in their traffic study (all of which developers agreed were incorrect, except they argued the time it takes to get from the site to Outpost and Mulholland during rush hour vs. non-rush hour. Tom Cho addressed her issues related to trip credits. Mann pointed out that they left off the time effecting the drive when they start from work or somewhere else during rush hour. Cho did not address the trip credits in his response to Mann’s direct questions. Mann also questioned the considerations of relocation for wildlife which were not fully addressed.

Michael Meyer of the Outpost Homeowners’ Association said the developers have met with him personally, but not with the homeowner association. Meyer disclosed that developers had offered the association money, but they turned it down. He addressed traffic issues and he said they completely ignored the issues of traffic in the area. He asked for answers about travel time. Meyer was very critical of the intentions of the developers. Developers said they offered $20,000 to the local homeowner organization. They disagreed on how many trips would be made through Outpost. They saia zoning on the site is R3 (which is 250 units).

Patricia, a Cahuenga Pass/Beau Monde resident, read a letter which said the developers have not finished the Beau Monde project and should be rejected in this new project until Beau Monde is completed. The financial resources of D.S. Ventures was questioned. The developer answered that Lehmann Brothers is their venture partner. Cory Spiegel, a homeowner at Beau Monde, addressed developers inactivity at Beau Monde, and she accused them of not fulfilling their promises at Beau Monde. Two residents from Beau Monde addressed the audience regarding problems with this developer and complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau and the State Contractors Board against him.

Charles Alvare, Chair of Area 2, was next in asking how many bedrooms there would be (approximately 125 for condos; 140 including the homes) and other fact questions related to the property, like easements. It came out that another traffic light would be added on Cahuenga Pass.

Dean Sawyer, from Beau Monde, commented on the developer having many complaints with the Better Business Bureau. He also asked about fire clearance for the project before building. He requested penalties and a completion bond be built into the plan for things which are not done on time.

Conrad Schoeffter, Area 4 Chair, questioned whether anyone had taken the Hanna Barbera project into consideration.

Other people who spoke at the meeting were Eleanor from Area 6, Joyce from Area 4, , Dr. Laura Fox, who questioned resolution of existing traffic issues, Victoria from Area 4, who requested a Community Center at the site for seniors and children, and Renee Weitzer, who discussed other problems with other projects in the area. Weitzer pointed out that the current zoning is RE-15 and that a zone change to R-3 needs to be granted, as opposed to the developer’s claim that they can automatically become R-3.

The meeting continued until approximately 9:30 p.m.- at which time Connolly adjourned the meeting.