The position of Area 2 Chair for the HHWNC Board is now open. Candidates must be a resident of Area 2 (please see description and map of Area 2 below). Interested parties should email Anastasia Mann at [email protected].

Candidate submission deadline is 5pm on Friday, May 6, 2022.

Area 2: Cahuenga Pass/Universal

Northern Boundary: Northeast corner of Universal City boundary at Los Angeles City boundary. Follow northern boundary of Universal City west to 4048 N Lankershim. Continue on northern property line of 4048 N Lankershim to Lankershim Blvd Continue cross Lankershim Boulevard to western side of 10635 Valleyheart Drive.

Western Boundary: Western side of 10635 Valleyheart Drive Continue southwest behind parcels on Bluffside Dr to 101 Freeway. Continue south on the border of the 101 Freeway to Lankershim. Continue on Lankershim to its southern end. Continue south on the property line dividing 3600 and 3602 N. Lankershim intersecting with the backside of 10801 W Alta View Dr. Continue east tracing around the property line of 10800 W Alta View Drive onto the backside of parcel 10802 W Alta View Drive. Continue southwest on the backsides of 10806 to 10860 W Alta View Drive until it meets the dividing line between W 10900 Alta View Drive and 10946 Alta View Drive. Continue southeast on the dividing line connecting with eastern boundary of 10948 W. Alta View Drive. Continue around 10948 W. Alta View Drive to dividing line between 7803 and 7813 Mullholland Drive. Continue dividing line to Mulholland Drive.

Southern Boundary: Mulholland Dr. to Macapa Drive. Continue on southern border of Sunny Dell tract to Mullholland Drive. Continue on Mullholland to Cahuenga Blvd. East.

Eastern Boundary: From northeast corner of Universal City boundary line, follow Los Angeles City Boundary south to 101 Hollywood Freeway. Continue south to northwest corner of Ford Amphitheater property line.

Internal Boundary: The Universal City Metro Station and associated parking lot whose oversight is shared with the Studio City Neighborhood Council, including Campo de Cahuenga. Parcels within Universal City owned by the City of Los Angeles: 4048 N. Lankershim, 3838 – 3848 N. Lankershim, 111 Universal Drive, 333 E. Universal Drive, 555 E. Universal Drive, APN 2424045034, APN 2424045035.

City Northern Boundary: North side of 4048 Lankershim Boulevard to Western side of 10635 Valleyheart Drive.

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