Meeting Date: 6/9/20 12:00 am

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: ZOOM

Below are the major agenda items to be discussed at the June 9, 2020, Area 3, Housing, Business and Transortation Committees’ meeting. For a full agenda, please click the button above. If you need special services please make your request at least three (3) business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting the Neighborhood Council Project Coordinator at 213-485-1360 or e-mail to [email protected]

1818 Cherokee Avenue

Preliminary design review presentation and discussion of a proposed project to develop a surface street parking into a 7-story apartment building with a proposed height of 80 feet built over 2 levels of subterranean parking garage. Preliminary informational presentation and preliminary discussion of a proposed project. Applicant is requesting 1) CUP to exceed on menu density bonus limitation of SB1818 utilizing 2.5%:1% ratio. 2) 177.5% Density Bonus resulting in 86 total units with 21 designated VLI (68% of Base), and 3) Two floors of additional height. Representative of applicant Cherokee Bliss, LLC, is requesting.
Andre Soroudi will present.


Proposed “Restaurant Beverage Program

Three governmental bodies, the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and CalTrans need to be coordinated to address this issue. In preparation for an April meeting to provide information dedicated to the homeless issues in HHHWNC, The Public Safety chair and Area 3 chair will lead a discussion on Federal, state and local laws, the infrastructure currently in place, and the issues that arise between interface of homeowner rights and the rights of those without homes. Government officials have been invited to the April meeting where we will continue the discussion. To read the FAQ questions of the proposed ordinance, please click HERE.  Possible motion and vote

Slow Streets

Last month, the City of Los Angeles launched the “Slow Streets,” which places signs and temporary barricades on some residential streets. The city’s Department of Transportation is managing the program and will coordinate with community members to determine where the signs and barriers should be placed indicating the streets are for local traffic only. There must be enough community members volunteering to administer the program (physically moving the cones and barricades). Most streets in Area 3 qualify for the program. The application only allows for two miles within the neighborhood. (Franklin does not). To read the programs FAQ, please click HERE. Possible motion and vote