Meeting Date: 01/11/05 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street

Details: HHWNC Area 3 Committee Meeting
Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
6:30 PM


1. Presentation from Elizabeth Peterson Group on parking overlay plan for Hollywood. Possible motion and vote.

2.UPDATE- from Rena Dheming regarding status of late-night crowd and blasting-car-stereo disturbance and crowd nuisance abatement developments at Grant/Prestige Parking lots.

3. Discussion on matters brought up by Stakeholder Peter D’Alessio at last meeting , ie parliamentary procedures, etc. Possible motion and vote.

4. Discussion with Stakeholder Brian Dyer on preferential parking efforts. Possible motion and vote.

5. Public discussion on non-agenda items.

6. Set next meeting date and adjournment.

Minutes for HHWNC Area 3 meeting on Tuesday, January 11th.

1. Meeting opened with Agenda items regarding parking and effort to get preferential areas for residents. Our guest was Rory Fitzpatrick, Chief Field Deputy for Councilman
He answered many important questions about how to better organize our efforts in this area. Member Lena Ghalfoor spoke at some length about parking problems at the Concorde Nightclub on Cahuenga. While Mr. Fitzpatrick was present he discussed the flooding and landslide situation in the hillside areas such as Mt. Olympus. He then gave us the LA City Storm Update to disseminate to our own Area 3 hillside people and then departed.

2. As Elizabeth Peterson was again unable to attend the presentation on her plan for
a parking overlay plan for Hollywood was again tabled until February.

3. The Public comment on non-agenda items then began with Robert Nudelman describing the historical significance of the site at 6735 Yucca Street which would be demolished as part of the proposed condo building which is the subject of our agenda motion at the January HHWNC Board Meeting. The site was formerly The Villa Capri, a popular nightspot in the 1950’s. Robert felt that the CRA will not approve the demolition on preservation grounds.

4. Chair Paul Woolsey then reported that the Zoning Authority had denied the CUP application of the Vogue Nightclub project which we had previously helped to condition and bring to the Board for support last summer. The reason given by ZA Dan Green was that the parking for the project is non-existent. Chair also reported that Elizabeth Peterson is no longer the consultant and that Josh Kaplan is handling the appeal. The group expressed strong reservations about the status of the conditions that we felt are essential to co-existence and whether applicant will attempt to get out of them with ZA
Appeal Board.
As this matter hadn’t come up prior to Chair’s transmission of agenda it was
decided to make 2 emergency motions which were both passed unanimously 9-0 with no abstention.
A) That the HHWNC Area 3 Committee will change it’s position from support of this project to support for Dan Green’s denial, effectively opposing project
B) The committee invites the applicants
for Vogue Theater and their representative to attend our Area 3 meeting in February. Chair will undertake contact.

5. Motion to adjourn seconded and passed. Next meeting scheduled for 02/08.