Meeting Date: 01/19/10 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Center 6671 Yucca Street

Details: 1)   Introductions and  reading of minutes.
2)   Presentation by J.T. Fox on C.U.P. renewal of Geisha House Restaurant
      located at 6633 Hollywood Blvd, and currently operated by Dolce Group.
      Possible motion and vote.
3)   Discussion on proposal in City Council to loosen restrictions on multiple housing
      units on single family residential properties, including vehicles nad garages.
      Possible motion and vote.
4)   Public comment on non-agenda items.
5)   Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Minutes of Tuesday, November 17th Area3 meeting.
1)   The minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted.
2)   Presentation by J.T. Fox and Client Vinny Laresca on C.U.P application for
      1710 N. Las Palmas avenue for use as a restaurant and nightclub.    Motion to
       support as stated was made,seconded, and approved with a vote of 6 for
       and none against.
3)    In general comment Chair Paul Woolsey and others mentioned need for more
       public activivities by HHWNC.