Meeting Date: 02/08/05 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA 90028

Details: Agenda for HHWNC Area 3 Meeting
Tuesday, February 8th at
Yucca Community Center
6:30 P.M.

1. Call to Order

2. Approval of minutes from January meeting

3. Parking issues discussed such as speed bumps, preferential parking, and parking for Geisha House Restaurant with hopefully a representative from DOT. Possible motion and vote.

4. Update on Grant Parking lot situation from Rena Dheming.

5. Discussion with Vogue Theater applicants and their representative regarding March 8th appeal hearing on this project’s Zoning application. Possible motion and vote.

6. Discuss matters brought up by Peter D’alessio in earlier meetings:
a) Tightening of parliamentary procedures for this group.
b) Adoption of roll-call vote.
c) Creation of a Jurisprudence position regarding stakeholder specs.

7. Discussion with Representative from Council District 4 in commencing revocation procedures against Concorde Nightclub. Possible motion and vote.

8. Discussion with Patricia Price on greater HHWNC involvement with dis-abled issues. Possible motion and vote.

9. General Discussion on non-agenda items.

10. Adjournment and scheduling of March meeting.

HHWNC Area 3 Committee minutes.
1. Agenda item on DOT concerns tabled until March Meeting due to inabilty of
representative to attend.
2. Update on Grant Parking from member Rhena Dheming regarding noise and crowd
problems. Also MS. Dheming stated that the January CPAB meeting included mention
Police Commission Permits to be required of parking lots.
3. Discussion on Vogue Theater matter. The appeal hearing at zoning will be on
Participating in this were the applicant Freddy Braidey, Jordan Jones, a
co-owner of
Musso Frank Restaurant and his legal representative Vivian Rescoulo who stated
as being from Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips. As a matter of historical
background this
committee voted to support this project last year with a multitude of
conditions including
a business plan with a clear differentiation between general entertainment and
operations pointing to the former and a parking plan. Neither had been
available by 11/04
when ZA Dan Green rejected the application. Neither was available at this
meeting and
Ms. Rescoulo doubted that applicant could produce such after working on this
for 9 mos.
Robert Nudelman spoke in opposition that the plan was clearly a nightclub with
hours of
operation starting at 11p.m. Mr. Braidey stated that a business model like the
Henry Fonda was desired. Nudelman then stated that this was unlikely given
the hours
and many group members agreed. These included Rhena Dheming and Bill Becker.
Mr. Braidey then stated that the parking would be acquired soon. Members
Chair Paul Woolsey asked for details and Mr. Braidey stated that 175 spaces
would be
contracted but due to confidentiality he couldn’t sat where as yet. This
didn’t go over well.
Chair then made a motion that unless applicant produced parking and business
plans by
March meeting our position would change from support to opposition. After
against by Ms. Rescoulo and Mssrs. Nudelman and Jones the vote was against this
motion 9 to 1 with no abstentions. A counter-motion was made by Brian Dyer to
oppose. This motion was passed 9 to 1 with no abstentions. Chair then
informed the
applicant that a motion to oppose project would be presented to the Board
Meeting in
4. Due to the late hour agenda items 7 and 8 were tabled until March.
5. General comment included the presence of Lonnie Moore, owner of Geisha Restaurant.
Mr. Moore apologized for the valet service taking some street parking and
agreed to fix it.
He also reported that they have gotten 100 spaces in the DOT structure on
Cherokee with
our past assistance.
6. The next Area 3 meeting was scheduled for March 8 at this location.