Meeting Date: 03/02/10 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center 6671 Yucca Street

Details: 1)   Introduction and reading of Minutes.
2)   Presentation by J.T. Fox for the Dolce Restaurant Group on the C.U.P. renewal
      of the Bella Cucina Restaurant on Hollywood Blvd.   There are no changes to the
      existing entitlements.   Possible motion and vote.
3)   Discussion on proposed changes to the Baseline Hillside Ordinances affecting
      R-1 Neighborhoods such as Whitley Heights.   Possible motion and vote.
4)   Public comment on non-agenda items.
5)   Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Minutes of Tuesday, January 19th meeting.
1)   Minutes of previous meeting read, seconded , and approved without changes.
2)   A presentation by J.T. Fox was made on the C.U.P. renewal for The Geisha House
      Restaurant Blvd., Many Stakeholders expressed concern over noise levels coming
      from this section of Hollywood Blvd. at Night to which Mr. Fox and Dolce Group CEO
      Lonnie Moore responded that many establishments exist on this section of the street
      and they feel like they are being blamed for other people’s clientele.   Chair Woolsey
      explaned the history of this entitlement from the original application in 2003 through
      Dolce Group picking it up a year later and completing it.   He then remarked that the
      original C.U.P called for a front entrance and no amplified music being played on the
      open up-stairs smoking patio.   The Dolce reps promised to review their Conditions.
      Chair Woolsey then stated his opinion that on the whole the Restaurant had been an
      excellent addition to Hollywood Blvd, and a vast improvement on the previous tenant.
      A motion to approve the Application was made, seconded, and passed 9 for with no
      Nays or Abstentions.
3)   Stakeholder Mel Sager commented in the non-agenda section on a multitude of
      problems with the residential building on Cahuenga where he resides dealing with
      possible " Deferred Maintenance " issues.   A great deal of advice was given to him
      by attendees on the best course of action to take in remedying the situation.   
 4)  Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.