Meeting Date: 03/12/12 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center, 6671 Yucca Street, Hollywood, CA 90028


I.) Call to Order

II.) Committee Announcements

An update will be given on the upcoming open house at Yucca Community Center as well as the joint effort in having a Community Resource and Info Fair with Yucca Community Center and Las Palmas Senior Center and Area 3.
Possible Motion and Vote

III.)Yucca Community Garden

There will be a presentation by Yucca Staff which will be requesting $100 in support of the purchase of mulch and seeds to start a community garden for local kids within Area 3 at the Yucca Community Center.

Motion and Vote

IV.) Marbella Restaurant and Nightclub

There will be a presentation by Lee Rabun concerning the CUB/CUX renewal of Marbella Restaurant and Nightclub located at 6757 W. Hollywood Boulevard.
Possible Motion and Vote

V.) Millennium Hollywood Project- Informational only

There will be a brief update presentation by Laurie Goldman and Alfred Fraijo on the proposed Millennium Partners project that will be located next to and across the street from Capitol Records. Presenters will review the proposed Project and discuss the project overview and regulations for the development including guidelines for design and massing. There will be a question and answer period after the presentation.

VI.) Public Comment

VII.) Adjournment

In attendance: 12

I.             Round table introductions

II.            Committee Announcements

Spoke about Community resource and health fair that will take place, July 5th, 2012.

III.            Yucca Community Garden

Yucca Gardens

BACKGROUND:  When Neeta, one of the program assistants asked the kids where did vegetables come from, they said Ralph’s.  Neeta along with the park director Jacqueline Raycraft decided that there should be a community garden for kids to grow fruits and vegetables as both a learning experience as well as providing healthy resources for the kids that can be cooked on site. The garden will be in the area that was once a dog park, but was closed due to the amount of contamination from the dogs. The city dug up and replaced all the old dirt with new dirt and now the area sits vacant.


MOTION: Area 3 is requesting that the full board supports giving $100 to purchase supplies for the Yucca Community Garden.


Lee Rabun who is doing a presentation o Marbella Restaurant offered $200 from his company.

IV.           Marbella Restaurant


BACKGROUND:  Lee Rabun made a presentation about the Marbella Restaurant which is owned by Mehdi Bolour. It will be a bonafide eating place operating from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week with Valet service and access by patrons will be in the rear alley which is shared with The Jefferson. There are 200 parking spaces available to the patrons of the restaurant, the same spots will be available to the general public during the daytime. There will be no dancing or loud music permitted on the patio/roof area. 

Question and Answer Section

o   Will they (Marbella) be using Car Park? No

o   Where do the people in the Jefferson Park? There are 600 parking spaces in the Jefferson, daytime parking for the public.

o   Will there be Validation, and if yes, then by who? Yes and by Frederick’s of Hollywood

o   Kress had loud music, will it have the same and will there be dace and loud music on the patio/roof? It’s not permitted

o   How will patrons access Marbella? Through the rear alley way

o   When will there be maintenance? Between 2 a.m. – 9 a.m.

o   Where will the Valet? Yes, inside the parking lot

o   What will happen with the traffic congestion on Mc Cadden? Mr. Rabun said that the premises have been operating since 2005.

o   There was some confusion as to whether or not there were street lights on McCadden and there aren’t any.  There was serious concern about the noise and overall safety of the residents who live in the Jefferson and The Rubix which is the building also facing McCadden.

o   Are there any traffic surveys? No

o   Will they be hiring locally? We can ask the owner

o   Is there a way to hire some percentage of people to make it work? It can be checked into.

MOTION: To support the CUB/CUX application for Marbella Restaurant located at 6757 – 6765 Hollywood Boulevard. 8 yes, 1 no


V.          Presentation by Laurie Goldman and Alfred Garciano concerning the Hollywood Millineum Project.

Originally came to area 3 in 2008

Described the project and entitlements

EIR(released in early summer) discussion of study and focus

Questions and Answers

·         Has there been public input? It’s a process

·         Has the height of the buildings changed? No

·         Concern – The Dell’s number one issue was traffic

·         How many towers will there be? 2

·         How much will they tower over Capitol Records? At the smaller end it would be a maximum of 220 feet and at the taller end a maximum of 585 feet.

·         Is there a design? Not yet.

There was an explanation of the D.A. – once there is an approval made there is no longer any input from the general public.

Based on state law the city can make demands that are not typical for most projects.

Once a development agreement is finalized the developer has to build exactly to what’s in the contract.

D.A. gives you the right to build for an extended period of time but they are not compelled to do a D.A.

You can make change as long as they stay within the boundaries of the contract.

Concern if you can see the Capitol Records building with the development.

Will there be a project labor agreement? According to Laurie they always work with the Union.

Was there a traffic study done? Yes

Calculations are in the works and D.O.T. gets to review them.


Public Comment Section

There was a question asked about the CAP park? Where is it and how many buildings will be lost to it. It will be in East Hollywood and it will be 44 acres and one mile long. No buildings will be lost.