Meeting Date: 04/11/06 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Avenue
Handicapped accessible


Tuesday, April 11 @ 6:30pm

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Avenue
Handicapped accessible

1. Introduction and review of Minutes.

2. Update/report & discussion with HHWNC Emergency Services, Police & Fire issue committee chair-and Area # 3 stakeholder, Rena Dheming, regarding current issues dealing with residents’ and nightclub owners’ complaints regarding disruptive illegal hotdog vendors, vending until 3am, in front of nightclub areas, also regarding public safety issues and entertainment venue patrons, overcrowding streets and sidewalks, post 2:00am and other issues. Possible motion and vote.

3. Discussion of Yucca and McCadden condo project with Cerrell Group and their client Annatti and Associates. Possible motion and vote.

4. Discussion of 6683 Franklin condo project with applicant Clyde Woods involving review of renderings and building materials. Possible motion and vote.

5. Presentation by Lee Rabun of proposed expansion of two entertainment-type businesses in Area 3:

A) The Red Buddha Lounge at 6643 Yucca Street wishes to have its outdoor smoking patio licensed for alcohol consumption. Possible motion and vote.

B) The Montmarte Lounge AKA The Day After 757 Hollywood Boulevard has a renewal of its CUP approaching and wishes to add restaurant dining. Possible motion and vote.

6. Chair’s update on the recent PLUM decision on Element nightclub.

7. Public discussion on non-agenda items.

8. Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

04/11 Area 3 minutes.
1. Introductions of attendees had update and discussion from Rena Dheming
EMS Committee Chair on issues pertaining to parking lot vendors and lot safety
and overcrowding on sidewalks. She also asked for persons to be interested in
Neighborhood Watch program.
2. Discussion of Yucca and McCadden condo project with developer Marc Annotti.
Presented with new info on development as to sighting of lot, height of building-
and number of units at 218. 1,2, and 3 units with 22 affordable ones.
The parking consists of 196 regular spaces with with a total of 420 total spaces
at an average of 2.25 per unit. Aaron Epstein addressed height problems at 96 feet
with the construction disturbances in area and lack of affordable units in area.
Motion to support made by Housing Chair Frank DeFoe and seconded. Vote by
members was 8 for 1 against and 1 abstention. Motion by Area 3 Chair Paul
Woolsey made and seconded. Vote was 5 for 2 agianst 4 abstentions.
Applicant was urged to consult DRB on addition of “Old Hollywood” elements.
3. Discussion of 6683 Franklin condo project with Clyde Woods involving
landscaping issues with Whitley heights neighbors. It was suggested that
Clyde get a 21 day continuance on ZA new design included 7″ recess and
softening of design elemets and use of wood etc. was discussed with architect
Keiko. Frank DeFoe expressed concern about lack of changes with given reason
that it was too late to do so. Aaron Epstein and Central Hollywood PLUM Chair
Scott Campbell expressed support for project. Housing Chair made motion to table
until design issues could be worked out. Vote was 5 for 0 against and 1 abstained.
Area 3 Chair made identical motion vote was 6 for 0 against and 3 abstained.
This concluded joint portion of meeting.
4. Presentation by Lee Raybun on application of Red Buddha Lounge to have
liquor service on outdoor patio. Located at 6423 Yucca St. Discussed noise
abatement on pation with Chair suggesting tenting-over and limitation on size and
power of sound system. Aaron made suggestion to say simply that no sound be
audible outside of premises. Motion to support application made By Char.
Vote was 6 for 0 against 0 abstention.
5. Item 6 tabled until next meeting.
6. Adjournment and scheduling of next meeting for 05/09.