Meeting Date: 04/22/13 11:30 AM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center, 6671 Yucca Street, Hollywood, CA 90028

Details: I.) Call to Order
II.) Introduction of Housing Chair Jeff Papes, what his duties are and how he can assist you with issues that you think may need to be addressed by the Housing Committee.
III.) Mutt Mitt Station
There will be a brief discussion, motion and vote to ask for the full board to purchase more mutt mitt bags for the station located at the 6600 block of Yucca Street in the amount of $200.00. (Possible Motion and Vote)
IV.) Emergency Kits
Yucca Community Center needs to have a child sized emergency kit which includes water and a small flashlight for each of the 60 kids that will be attending summer camp. Each kit must stay on and remain the property of the park and not as personal kits for employees. These kits will be subject to random inspection by Rec and Parks. Yucca Community Center is requesting $250.00 towards the purchase of these kits. (Possible Motion and Vote)
V.) Marbella
Lee Rabun will be doing an informational only presentation on the Marbella Restaurant located at 6757 Hollywood Boulevard which will be going for its CUP.

VI.) SB 635 (Leno) Alcoholic beverages: hours of sale – This bill would allow the local governing body of a county or a city and county to apply to the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to authorize, with or without conditions on the licensees within those jurisdictions, the selling, giving, delivering, or purchasing of alcoholic beverages at an on-sale licensed premises between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. This item was tabled by our board and it is being brought to the community to get your input on the matter.
VII.) Public Comment
VIII.) Adjournment
Refreshments will be served
Agenda Subject to Change 72 hours prior to meeting

Call to order at 11:40 a.m.
There were 8 in attendance.
Our Housing Chair Jeff Papes introduced himself and talked about what his responsibilites were. There were a few questions that Jeff answered.

Mutt Mitt Station – There was a brief discussion on the need to keep the one mutt mitt station that we have control over in our area. Then there was a motion by Jeff Papes, which was seconded by a stakeholder, "The Area 3 committee proposes that we ask the full board to approve the expenditure of $200 for the purpose of buying bags to fill the mutt mitt station."  The vote was 8 yeses, 0 noes and 0 abstentions.

Emergency Kits – Park Director Jacqueline Raycraft spoke of the need of the park to have emergency kits for all the campers that will be attending summer camp. She also stated that all parks had to be self sustaining and that the money in their budget was not there to provide emergency kits for all the campers. She also stated that she would ask the parents of someof the campers to purchase these kits. However, some of the parents because of financial situation would not be able to purchase the items, which is why she is asking for assistance. There was a question about the park being self-sustaining and she went on to explain that all parks with in the city are now mandated to be self-sustaining. Trips, salaries and program activities had to come from the fees charged through out the year. She also talked about the gardening program that the park had which was partially funded by HHWNC last year. The motion by Jeff Papes, " The area 3 committee proposes that we ask the full board to approve the expenditure of $250.00 towards the purchase of emergency kits." It was seconded by Lee Rabun. The vote was 8 yeses, 0 noes and 0 abstentions.

Marbella – Lee Rabun did an informational only presentation about the Marbella restaurant and the newly imposed conditions in the 2013 CUP  whichi included, no line forming on Hollywood Blvd, no enclosed customer booths, installation of a 24 hour hotline, installation of electronic age verification devices and security cameras. The hearing is slated for June.

SB 635 – There was a brief discussion on what it was and how it could effect the safety of those who live around nightclubs as well as the number of calls to service that would be generated by the extension of business hours for bars and nightclubs.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 p.m. and the park director took the meeting attendees on a tour of the Garden.