Meeting Date: 05/12/11 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Recreation Center, 6671 Yucca Street, Building A

Details:  I. Call to Order

II. Update on neighborhood activities which include liquor licenses, new businesses, trash cans and mutt mitt containers.

III. Discussion about the Communtiy Plan for area 3 and the long term effects of the general plan by the City of Los Angeles as well as how what the community wants fits into the plan.

IV. Discussion about increasing problems in the community with nightclub clientele, valet companies, increased graffiti, the number of liquor licenses given out, the safety of both residences and businesses as well as discuss plans for creating a safer environment.

New Business

Old Business

Public Comment

 In attendance: 7

Meeting started at 6:40 p.m. Marcello Robinson our area Housing Chair, discussed his upcoming job fair which will happen during the 3rd week of September. He is working with the mayor’s office on this project and there will be 15 degree and 15 non-degree oriented vendors. He also mentioned he planned on having a housing meeting.

Introduced was Yucca Village, which is the bottom half of area 3. The purpose of this was to easily recognize which part of area 3 was talked about; also it’s the same area that needs a lot of attention that has not been given to it in the past.

 Yucca Village

We started discussing the possibility of local coffee houses serving full lines of alcohol. At that point Danielle G. the new owner of Café Audrey located on Las Palmas had spoke up and brought to the attention of those in attendance that she wanted to clear any rumors and that she planned on eventually applying for a beer and wine license in the future. According to her she wanted a more upscale dinner club, which would cater to more upscale clientele.

One question that was asked was “ what will stop the café from being a full fledged night club” Her response was that the café was too small and that she wasn’t interested in being a club, but more like Solar de Cahuenga on Franklin.

She also said she was very community oriented and has done everything from helping neighborhood residents to recycle to sweeping off the sidewalk in front of her establishment.

Also, discussed was the possibility of speaking to and working with the Jefferson and trying to get a retail store i.e. Ralph’s, Albertson’s etc., on the retail space that is located street level at the Jefferson.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 p.m.