Meeting Date: 06/18/12 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center, 6671 Yucca Street, Hollywood, CA 90028

Details: I.) Call to Order
II.) Committee Announcements
III.) Community Fair
On July 19th, Area 3 with the assistance of Yucca Community Center will be having a Community Fair. The purpose of this fair is to make stakeholders aware of Area 3 and the neighborhood council. It will be a themed event, with the theme being a Luau. The event will take place at 1820 N. Las Palmas at the Senior Center. We are looking for $250.00 to provide hotdogs and water for the event.
Possible Motion and Vote

IV.) Comfort Inn
With regard to the site of the existing Comfort Inn at 2010 Highland Avenue, the owner, Hum Hospital Group – Gunvant Patel, has applied for a conditional use permit to sell a full line of alcoholic beverages at the hotel to their guests and their invitees on the premises in a dining area, via room service and in in-room minibars. There are 49 guest rooms in the existing hotel. The proposed hours of sale would be from 11am to midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and from 11am to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.
The Planning Dept. case no. is ZA 2012-0859. The contact person for more information is Sherrie Olsen, who can be reached at (909) 519-1816 and [email protected]
Possible Motion and Vote

V.) Follow Up on 6531 Hollywood Blvd.
The Area 3 committee voted to vote at our last meeting on whether it would support a conditional use permit. With a lot of unanswered questions, the representatives promised to return with answers concerning safety, parking and the reaction of tenants. Possible Motion and Vote

VI.) Public Comment
VII.) Adjournment

I) Meeting started at 6:35 p.m.
II) Announcement concerning the parking permit issue going to the full council on Wednesday. Also mentioned was our full board meeting on Wednesday at the Women' s Club.
III) Community Fair- We discussed the upcoming community outreach fair with the Luau theme. A motion was presented and it passed unanimously the Motion was – to support the area 3 committee in the amount of $250.00 to purchase food and water for the community fair. It passed with a vote of 11 – 0
IV) There was a presentation by Sherrie Olson concerning the property at 2010 Highland for a conditional use permit for the Comfort Inn. A stakeholder pulled up the information on his phone which state that the property was BLVD Hotel and Suites and not the Comfort Inn. There were also several inconsistencies with what was presented by Ms. Olson and what was listed on the internet. The application is to provide a full line of alcoholic beverages to hotel guest and their friends in the dining area. It also stated that there are 49 guest rooms, but when looking at the information provided it stated that there were 62 rooms.  When Ms. Olson said there would be no major changes, the website lists that major changes have already been made. There was also a concern about outside dining, possible outside parties and the noise level and how it affected the neighborhood. A question was raised as to the dimensions of the lounge area compared to the room we were having the meeting in. She said she really could not say and it was asked whether or not she has actually been to the property and she said that she hadn’t.
Ms. Olson had stated that letters were sent out to residents of the surrounding area, stating the intentions of the hotel. There is no clear evidence that the residents around the hotel were informed of the intentions of the hotel.
I asked Ms. Olson when the hearing date with the ZA is and she stated it was June 27th, but she would ask to have the hearing date pushed back until she investigated further.  She was invited back to present to Area 3 once things were clear with the name of the hotel, what CUP they are going for, the parking issues, the size of the lounge, if there will be roof top activity, how many people will actually be in the lounge, whether there has been construction done on the inside, who actually owns the property and would there be valet parking.
V) No one showed up for the 6531 property
VI) During public comment, one of our stake holder brought up the Hollywood Community Plan that is to be presented to city council on Tuesday, June 19th.
VII) Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.