Meeting Date: 07/13/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center meeting room,
6671 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028

Details: 1. Review and discussion of H.H.W.N.C’s annual election meeting &
Congratulations to all elected.

2. Discuss H.H.W.N.C. Meeting held July 8th, 2004.

3. Discussion by John Ehretz, with respect to the intolerable conflicts
twixt parking needs of residents v. commercial: i.e. $185,00 monthly
costs being disastrously unaffordable. Solutions and actions proposed.

4. Update on Las Palmas Night Club. Letter from Police Commission re.
new hearing: August 12th, 2004, 9:30 am, conducted by Nr Booker Ridgeway@ PARKER CENTER downtown.( copies of this letter are available to all )

5. Public comment and general discussion.

6. Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Area #3 Committee Meeting

PAUL WOOLSEY, Chair presiding.

The meeting opened @ 6:30PM. ERIK SANJURJO was present and spoke.

ERIK replaces MICHELLE FLEENOR as TOM LaBONGE’s deputy for our area and is getting up to date on what is happening in his district.

We discussed parking problems and preferential parking in the area. He suggested that we do a mock-up of all solutions to those problems. and that we make presentations to both councilmen GARCETTI & LaBONGE with D.O.T. present at the district office. We can use all info done by John Ehretz to do paste board diagrams of possibilities.

It was also suggested that we speak to ALLISON BECKER and BAYSDAR THOMASIAN from ERIC GARCETTI’s office about the possibility of purchase of the Galpin Truck Rental lot on Cahuenga Blvd for the badly needed additional parking.

We reviewed the agenda of the H.H.W.N.C. board meeting of July 8th, 2004.

We announced that there would be a “Restore Hollywood Block Project” meeting on 7-27-04 @ 1:30pm (new time) @ 6501 Fountain Ave. City Attorney SUSAN WAGNER presiding.

BOB NUDELMAN of Hollywood Heritage came late to bring an update on the VOGUE/PETERSON Project: specs regarding the restaurant on the roof, etc.

Attending for the first time was MARIA BURKE who was concerned about the encampments north of the Freeway on Cahuenga Blvd and the problems arising from the motel residents adjacent as well. Welcome Maria!!!

ROZ BROWN’s budget was approved at the last board meeting. We discussed problems still remaining at the CONCORDE and LAS PALMAS nightclubs.

The upcoming Police Commission hearing on the LAS PALMAS nightclub at the PARKER CENTER 9:30am August 12th, 2004 conducted by BOOKER RIDGEWAY, was announced. BRIAN DYER and JOHN EHRETZ spoke on the availability of parking on the streets; more will be discussed at the next meeting with work on plans diagrammed. Welcome Back BRIAN!!!

RENA DHEMING volunteered to speak on behalf of H.H.W.N.C. on
transportation, parking, etc.
Motion to approve by BRIAN DYER passed.

Meeting adjourned, Next meeting August 10th, 2004 same place same time.