Meeting Date: 07/23/12 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Special

Location: Yucca Community Center, 6671 Yucca Street, Hollywood, CA 90028


I.) Call to Order
II.) Committee Announcements
III.) Demolition and Construction on 2018 N. Highland
Mr. Kamat and Mr. Jackson will be dong a presentation on the demolishing of 2018 N. Highland which is currently an apartment building. What is to be constructed is a new boutique style hotel with 20 guest rooms, one penthouse dwelling unit and 2 onsite parking spaces. The Case No. is ZA-2012-375-CU-ZV. Possible Motion and Vote.
IV.)2010/2014 Highland Avenue( Comfort Inn)
The Area 3 committee requested that the representative for the property at the site of the existing Comfort Inn at 2010 Highland Avenue with owner, Hum Hospitality Group – Gunvant Patel, return with updated information concerning the plans, occupancy, valet, construction and size of lounge for this property. The Area 3 Committee also needed clarification on the actual name and owner(s) of the site which has applied for a conditional use permit to sell a full line of alcoholic beverages at the hotel to their guests and their invitees on the premises in a dining area, via room service and in in-room minibars. There are 49 guest rooms in the existing hotel. The proposed hours of sale would be from 11am to midnight on Sundays through Thursdays, and from 11am to 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. The Planning Dept. case no. is ZA 2012-0859-CUB.  
Possible Motion and Vote
V.) Supperclub 6669-6677 Hollywood Blvd
 Supper Club LA is asking the Planning Department to assess their compliance with the terms of approval for the conditional use permit to sell alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption at their premises, which is located  at 6669-6677 Hollywood Boulevard., and to continue their CUP.  They want to obtain approval to continue selling in their existing space, on their outdoor patio, to allow occupancy of up to 900 people, and operate from 9 am to 4 am daily iwth alcohol sales from 9 am to 2 am daily. The Planning Dept.'s case no. is ZA 06 7863, and the prrior case no. was ZA-2006-7863-CUB-CUX-ZV-1A. Possible Motion and Vote
VI.) The Wilcox Restaurant 6445 Hollywood Blvd.
The applicant is applying for a NEW CUB for the sale of a full line of alcoholic beverages for onsite consumption to a restaurant that includes expanding into two adjacent retail units. The Case No. is ZA-2012-618-CUB. Possible Motion and Vote.
VII.) Adjournment
July 23, 2012 
Meeting started at 6:35 p.m. In Attendance: 18
Spoke about the community fair. EMS chair spoke about National Night Out which will be on Tuesday, August 7th.
Presentation on 2018 N. Highland with Mr. Jackson and Mr. Kamat. The site is currently and apartment building with 11 units and the presentation is to talk about the plans to build a hotel. There was a clarification that there will be no alcohol application and they will have 22 onsite parking spaces. Questions asked were: Is the part that shows it’s a valet drop off for guests, will that cover the ingress and egress? Yes. Do you have a kitchen? Yes, it’s not for the guests .So there is no onsite restaurant? No Can I ask the average cost of a room, approximate? We are not the operators, we are the designers Mr. Jackson said he could talk to the owners to see what the costs will be. Who is the owner and the operators? It will operate as HLand LLC . Are there any names that can be communicated so they can be used as a point of reference? Mr. Patel Is this the same Patel that operates on Sunset? No, they are more Best Western we are more boutique. Questions raised by the Chair: #1 There are tenants that live there now, what happens to the tenants? The tenants will be relocated and receive all the relocation…Mr. Kamat interrupted with what he said was that a few of the apartments were vacant and there are 4 or 5 tenants that occupy the property right now. According to Mr. Jackson,he had asked one of the owners if there were certain people who were in need such as elderly or disabled and was told that no, it was a transient population. So they are all on leases? They are on monthly leases. Have they been notified? They will be once the project starts. Do you have an approximate date for possible demolition and construction? The city process is lengthy, the hearing date will be sometime after Labor day of this year.Mr. Jackson discussed the conditions which had to be approved including dealing with street lights, street issues, sewers etc. At the time of the meeting neither Mr. Jackson or Mr. Patel knew if the tenants were notified of what is going on. Discussed the top unit which would be a 2 bedroom with a patio for the resident’s use.  They are asking to exceed the 45ft high limit by 8 feet. Another concern was the resident having rooftop parties. It wasn’t considered before, but was considered as a condition of the application. 
Because our full board won’t meet until after the elections around September 19, 2012 and there were concerns about any changes that could be done between the time of the meeting and when they actually met with the planning department.  Also there was a concern from the Area 3 Chair about input from the people who actually live on the property.
Motion: It was moved by Jeff Papes that we table this item. It was seconded by Jerry Garcia. Yes- Unanimous
II. 2010/2014 Highland
Continuation of the last meeting to answer some of the questions the committee had about the property with presentation by Sherrie Olson. How/When did you make the adjustment on the meeting? I went to the meeting and asked the Zoning Administrator and asked for a continuance. Was there a partial presentation? Yes, it is a public hearing and I had to give a presentation to the Zoning Administrator. Before you can ask for a postponement? Yes, before I could ask for a postponement. I asked the ZA to hold the case open. Committee member asked one of the other presenters if he had to do a presentation before he asked for a postponement or did he just asked for a postponement. The other presenter said that it works both ways. There was some confusion on the area they termed as a lounge area( 7 seats), which they went back and forth with and called it a service area. Questions that was asked was how are they selling alcohol, do they have a kitchen, do they have a bartender, how are the glasses washed? Where is the dining area that is listed in the application. They will be selling alcohol to guests and their invitees, there will be no food services, there is no kitchen but there is a sink to wash glasses. The application is listed as a hotel with 49 rooms, however one of the committee members had stated that he contacted the hotel and they said 62 rooms so there was a concern about the straightforwardness of the presenters about the application.  Would you be opposed to it just being a mini bar? It just doesn’t make sense to have a bar when you don’t have a kitchen, which means your license would be a type 48. The reason for the liquor license is because those around us have liquor licenses. Because it is a type 48 license which means over 21 will you have a security guard to monitor it. Response it is a very small area only 200 square feet.  You know you will be liable?  Response we have an area for younger people can be in the other area. So it’s a different area? No. There was a general concern about safety and liability. The concern was that a patron would go to the bar, drink and then go out on to Highland Avenue and cause an accident. Room rates $150 per night. When is your new hearing date? They don’t have a new hearing date, they left the file open. The ZA is Charlie Rush. No postponement was ever asked for.
Motion: We approve their application for liquor and it is agreed upon by applicant that the service of alcohol would stop no later than 11:00 p.m. on weekdays (Sunday – Thursday) and 12:00 a.m. on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays). Yes Votes- 10 No Votes-0  Abstentions -0
III. Supperclub Application
There was an application to extend the CUP and increase their certificate of occupancy to 900 people. Currently they can have an occupancy of 575 except for special events when they are allowed to have an occupancy of 808. Current hours are 2 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. and they are asking for an amendment of 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m. with alcohol only being served until 2:00 a.m., the point being to serve food and allow the consumers to sober up. they are also asking for an amendment to the floor plan. With the patio the total square footage would be 13,400 square feet. They brought the floor plan with them. They are working with the fire department and building & safety to create more exits. There was a concern about the property that will be developed that is behind the Supperclub. They currently have a 6 foot easement and are working on a permanent one.  
Motion: It was moved that Supperclub be able to go straight across the board 900, hours of operation will be 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m., there will be increased security, 100 additional spaces for valet and that if there are any concerns by LAFD or LAPD those concerns be addressed. 12 – yes, 0 – No, no absentions.
IV. Wilcox Restaurant
They made a presentation to the committee about the restaurant they wanted to bring to Wilcox and Hollywood Blvd. It will be a 2 level full fledged restaurant, with a bakery and section for wine tasting in the basement. They will have valet parking which will have the cars park in the lot to the rear of the property. They will have seating available for children and their will be no signage that says 21 and over only. They have already had a hearing date concerning this restaurant but have a second one coming up and they needed a response from the committee. Due to the lateness of the meeting, the issue was tabled with the result of the presenters returning to a “Special Meeting” of Area 3 so that all questions could be answered and they would have more time for their presentation. The special meeting was not scheduled at the time of the meeting.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 p.m.