Meeting Date: 08/18/09 06:30 PM

Location: Yucca Center 6627 Yucca Street.

Details: Tuesday, August 18th Area 3/Business/Housing Joint meeting agenda.

1)   Introductions and  reading of minutes.

2)   Presentation by Ira Handelman on proposed Hotel Project at 63-6385
      Hollywood Boulevard in the Guarantee Bank Building.   This project is located
      in Hollywood United Neighborhood Council which has voted to conditionally
      support.   Possible motion and vote.
3)   Discussion of Tenant/Landlord isuues in the building located at 2000 Highland
      Avenue known either as " Roman Gardens " or " Villa Valentino ".   Discussion to
      focus on issues of possible future change in status of building and owner actions
      vis-a-vis current rental occupants and historic nature of building built in 1926.
      Possible motion and vote.
4)   Public comment on non-agenda items.
5)   Schedule next meeting and adjourn.