Meeting Date: 08/22/06 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street


1. Introductions and acceptance of minutes from August 8th meeting.

2. Presentation from Elizabeth Peterson and David Judaken on EAST restaurant project at 6611 Hollywood Blvd. Possible motion and vote.

3. Discussion of parking situation with Kung Pao Kitty owner Paul Oberman. Possible motion and vote.

4. Discussion with Chamber Of Commerce rep on Co-ordination on residential projects. Possible motion and vote.

5 Public discussion on non-agenda items.

6. Adjournment

Un-approved minutes for 08/22 Area 3/Business Planning meeting.
1. Minutes for 08/08 meeting read, revised, and approved by a vote of 8 for,
opposed, and one abstention.
2. Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson and David Judaken on the EAST Restaurant
proposal for 6611 Hollywood Blvd. They brought brochures for questions on the
parking lots. Suggestions that they post signs telling people to park in lots
at Schrader and Wilcox as back-up. Rena Dhemong brought up issue of
address change as LUCK DEVIL used to have 6611 Hollywood Blvd. Peterson
responded that addresses on that block had been changed and the latter was
at 6613 Hollywood and the CUP for it was transferred to that. Many spoke of
mis-management of lots with much space leased out to multiple valets.
Both Elizabeth and David stated they were trying to work this out with the city
and D.O.T. Conditional support with conditions about posting parking
added to those volunteered. Motion made, seconded, and approved 7 for,
1 against, and 1 abstained.
3. Agenda item tabled.
4. Shelley Kiah spoke on issue of Chamber Of Commerce involvement with
Leron Gubler present to answer questions on residential projects. Joan
Luchs spoke on Chamber involving itself in residential projects when few of
them live here or ask neighborhood groups for imput case in point the
project at 6683 Franklin St. Leron answered that Chmaber is independent
representative of businesses and not answerable to residents and will make
decisions relevant to concerns. Chairs Thor Lee and Paul Woolsey made points
about lack of comminications between the two organizations. Bob Nudelman
brought up questions of why commercial-only interests would involve themselves
in residential matters. Shelley Kiah and Rena Dheming both felt that
committees are in-sensitive to concerns outside of their own areas. Chair
Woolsey made recommendation to Leron that the two organizations do a
better job of communicationg on these.
5. In public comment statements from Rena Dheming about Holly Trolley
blocking bus stop at Hollywood and Highland for a lay-over zone.
It turned out that they are not supposed to do that as Chair Woolsey pointed
out that the assigned lay-over zone is on Highland Avenus just prior to
East on Hollywood Blvd.
6. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 12th and m