Meeting Date: 09/12/06 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
6:30 P.M. Sharp


1. Introduction and acceptance of minutes.

2. Presentation Cerrel Group and DS Ventures on the Yucca & McCadden condo project now that the project has cleared Design Review Committee. Description: 1714-1736 McCadden Place 1727-1729 Las Palmas Project DS Ventures (bounded by Yucca, McCadden, Las Palmas, and Hollywood Blvd. frontage buildings, “Yucca/McCadden”) 218 total unites (made up of one, two, and three bedroom units) 22 of the units are affordable units. 620+ planned parking spaces subterranean. Possible motion and vote.

3. Presentation by HHWNC Parking and Transportation Chair Dennis Lytton on possibility of opening a second portal to the Hollywood & Highland Red Line Station on McCadden Street with presence of MTA and Line officials. Possible motion and vote.

4. Presentation by Lee Rabun on Plan Approval for the King-King Nightclub at 6515 Hollywood Blvd. Possible motion and vote.

5. Presentation by JPI Group on proposed residential project at 1724 N. Highland; a transit-oriented, mixed-use development of 270 apartments (including 27 affordable and 8 joint live/work units); 8,500 sf ground floor retail commercial, grade level and subterranean parking 755 parking spaces with 436 for residential, 34 retail and 285 for public parking; southeast corner of Highland Ave. and Yucca Street to McCadden Place. Possible motion and vote.

6. Discussion with EMS Police & Fire committee chair, Rena Dheming, on Hollywood Area 3 stakeholder complaints voiced by residents and nightclub owners, regarding illegal hotdog vendors aggravating crowds and illegally vending until 3am in the morning near residential apartments, and vendors’ ongoing disregard of LAPD’s advisement to cease from illegally vending in the area. Possible motion and vote.

7. Public comment on non-agenda items.

8. Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

September 12th Area 3 meeting.
Unapproved Minutes

1) Chair read minutes from August meeting approved 7 for 0 against 0 abstained.
2) Presentation from Cerrel Group and Ds Ventures for Yucca/McCadden condo
project which has cleared Design Review. Frankd Defoe mentioned site visit
around 12/05. Discussed height restrictio stated no limit in c-2 designation
in lght of applicant’s erquest to have “D” condition removed. On height Defoe
stated that theCity says, “no problem with height request for 90+ feet”
Joan Luchs wanted clarification of what lot was etc. height approximately 90
feet. Conrad Shoeffter Area 4 Chair spioke of aesthetics of project and
with view of Hollywood in lieu of the height of project. Chair Woolsey
spoke of
desirability of developing trash dirty lots in to beautiful buildings with
increase in
parking in the long term. Motion to support made by Dennis Lytton and
seconded. Passed 11 for, 6 against, and 2 abstaining.
3) Dennis Lytton HHWNC Traffic and Parking Chair presented idea of opening 2nd
portal to Hollywood and Highland Red Line Station. Tabled until future.
4) Lee rabun spoke on Plan Approval King-King Club including dinner additions
and increased hours of operation until 4 A.M.. Parking lot behind will have
security according to applicant with same hours. This is pursuant to a hearing
10/21 at Zoning. Motion to support made, seconded, and passed 15 for 0 against
0 abstained.
5) Presentation from JPI Group on proposed residential project at Yucca & Highland
Transit oriented mixed use development with live-work units and 755 parking
spaces for both residents and businesses made by Greg Smith. Applicant
was opne to character of design as they have not yet gone through Design Review
Point brought up about color of building and making it less boxy-looking.
Joan Luchs brought up design as not being in Old Hollywood style. Item tabled
until it is ready for Design Review. Tabling passed 12 for 0 against 0
6) Discussion with EMS Police & Fire Committe Chair Rena Dheming regarding
illegal hot dog vendors aggravating crowd and illegally vending until 3 AM near
residential buildings. Motion made, seconded, and passed to post signs
warning of consequences of illegal vending. Vote was 9 for 0 against 0
7) Meeting adjourned aand next one scheduled for 10/17.