Meeting Date: 10/12/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center meeting room,
6671 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028

Tuesday, October 12, 2004 6:30pm
Yucca Community Center meeting room,
6671 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028
Paul Woolsey, Chairperson


1. Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson and Adolfo Suaya for restaurant
project at 6679-6689 Hollywood Blvd. pursuant to Oct. 21st hearing
at Zoning Commission. Possible motion and vote.
2. Presentation by Ms. Peterson on outdoor dining area at Kung Pao Kitty.
Possible motion and vote.
3. Presentation by Ms. Peterson for proposed outdoor dining area at
Jane’s House. Possible motion and vote.
4. Discussion with representative of Grant Parking on noise and crowd
problems at property on Las Palmas St. Possible motion and vote.
5. Review of September HHWNC Board meeting with succesfull passage of
Area 3 motions on boxing center and MTA bus line changes.
6. Public discussion of non-agenda items.
7. Adjournment.

1. Discussed motions passed at September Board
on MTA route changes and the boxing program at
Yucca Center.
2. Saw presentation from Elizabeth Peterson on Gaucho
Grill project with applicant Adolfo Suaya. We
presented with plans and offered conditions from
applicant. We then started in on the applicant on

the conditions we wanted which were agreed to.
significantly these involved no nightclub events
and parking lot security. Vote was to support
conditions 12 for, 1 against, 2 abstentions. The
applicant agreed to our request from the Zoning
Administrator for a delay of decision so we can
develop further conditions prior to taking this to
the board on November 17th.
3. Saw second presentation from Ms. Peterson on
project for Kung Pao Kitty. Conditions were made
stipulating that the MTA bus stop at Wilcox will
not be disturbed or removed and that parking has
been contracted for. Stakeholder Lena Ghalfoor
brought up ABC compliance issues and applicants
Paul Bermam and Judith Parker agreed fix some past
advertising issues in this area. Vote was to
support with conditions same as for item # 2.
4. Discussed noise and crowd problems in parking lots
and voted unanimously to ask Zoning to condition
these with security guards and limits on hours.
Stakeholder Peter D’alessio made friendly amend-
ment to attempt to get someone from company to
5. Adjourned meeting and set next area 3 meeting at
Tuesday, November 9th in same location.