Meeting Date: 10/14/03 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center

Details: MINUTES: 10-14-03 meeting of Area #3 Committee HHWNC


Meeting called to order @ 6:30pm

Minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

In attendence besides members were:

S.L.O. Michael Shea

Debbie Wehbe, Pres. Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Conrad Schoeffter, Chair Area #4 Committee HHWNC

David Judaken, nightclub owner, with a proposal for such @ 6623-25 Hollywood Blvd.

Ryan Harter, (CIM Group) Lessors of the above subject property.

Alan Bailey, professional consultant.

Shelley Kiah and Cass Coty, representing the Whitley Heights Homeowners Assn. raised numerous objections to the proposed 12 story condominium project slated for the SE corner of Highland Ave & Franklin Ave. Height and location were their principal concerns.

A motion was presented, seconded and approved to schedule a joint meeting with the developer, areas #3 & 4 committees of HHWNC and representatives of the Whitley Heights Homeowners Assn. The motion included a proviso that the Area #3 committee oppose the project without such a meeting.

Paul Woolsey announced that no new L.A. Police Commission hearing date had been set for their action to deny the Las Palmas Niteclub permits. The group was informed of Building and Safety Commission actions against the club’s use of hot dog carts in the parking lots adjacent, Officer Shea described the results: the carts were not to return on threat of fines or further actions.

The presentation for Mr. Judaken’s new niteclub was led by his consultant Alan Bailey, presenting plans and details, etc. for the proposed nightclub @ 6623-25 Hollywood Blvd.

Parking problems @ the public parking garage were raised by resident Brian Dwyer, who feared that resident permitholders would be displaced by the added commercial burden of thenightclub’s needs.

Bill becker, resident and manager of the apartment house @ 1733 N. Cherokee voiced concern over the prospect of excessive noise arising from a club entry on Cherokee Ave. Mr. Judaken concurred and announced that the entry would be only on Hollywood Blvd.

Debbie Wehbe praised the quality of Mr. Judaken’s club: The Garden of Eden, located @ La Brea & Hollywood Blvd. Officer Shea commended that operation as well, citing: “No problems and an excellent compliance record”

Chair presented a motion to support the application which was seconded and passed.

The next committee meeting was set for Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2003 @ 6:30pm.

Same Location: Yucca Community Center 6671 Yucca Street.

Chair adjourned the meeting voicing appreciation for the large turnout of residents and the quality of the discussions.

John K. Ehretz-