Meeting Date: 10/17/06 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Center
6671 Yucca St.


Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Time: 6:30pm

Location: Yucca Center
6671 Yucca St.


1) Introductions and Minutes.

2. Report/update given by EMS Police & Fire committee chair/Area 3 committee member, Rena Dheming, on new changes taking place in Hollywood, especially in the Hollywood Blvd./Highland Ave. area that are impacting parking and traffic situations for local residents and business owners, especially within Area 3. Also, update on Highland/Franklin street construction project currently in progress. Discussion, possible motion and vote.

3) Presentation by Sandra Yamane for Madame Tussaud’s Project at 6931-6935 Hollywood Blvd. This is a Business agenda item as this is in Area 4 and will be concluded at that Area Committee meeting in November. Possible motion and vote.

4) Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson on Loteria Restaurant project 6627-6631 Hollywood Blvd. This is the former Book City store space. Possible motion and vote.

5) Presentation by Matt Portnoff and Mike Gonzalez on Crobar Project 6506-6508 Hollywood Blvd.- in the former Fox Theater. This multi-use restaurant/bar/club has already been supported by the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council. It is a large business proposal directly across the street from HHWNC so it has been agendized to give us a look-see. Possible motion and vote.

6) Presentation by Mike Glushon and applicant James Sinclair for new CUP application for Element 1642 N. Las Palmas. The applicant wishes to have expanded hours of operation. Possible motion and vote. There may be a second different application on a different site called La Cantina.

7) Public discussion on non-agenda items.

8) Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Tuesday, October 17th Unapproved Minutes for Area 3/Business Planning Joint Meeting.

1) Introductions and minutes tabled.
2) EMS Chair Rena Dheming spoke on new construction and asked what impact
would be of parking lots closiing. Tricia LaBelle of Boardners, David Judaken
of Mood, and Robert Abrahamian of Joseph’s spoke about this topic and shortage
of parking. No Vote taken.
3) Presentation on Madame Tussud’s Project in parking lot next to Chinese Theater.
This is a Business Committe item as it is located in Area 4. This is an
of Plans as the project was approved in a prior version. Sandra Yamane of
Marathon Communications stated details of project with building height equal
to the Chinese Theater and architectural renderings showing appearance when
built. Robert Nudelman stated that design is not in keeping with Hollywood
Historical guidelines. This project has already been through Design Review.
Sandra Yamane stated that project had time line of 18 months to completion
and hence 4 to 6 months still remained for design details. She also invited
those present to attend a general-public open house on the project to be
held at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Wednesday, October 25th. It was decided
to table this agenda item as Area 4 would need to see a presentation as well.
Vote to do so was 9 for 0 against 0 abstaining.
4) Elizabeth Peterson and applicant Bill Shaw of Loteria Grill made a presentation
on an application for a restaurant of the same name at 6627 Hollywood Blvd.
formerly Book City. The project was described by them as an upscale Mexican
restaurant with a market place for purchasing products and 24 hours of
Rena Dheming, Chair Paul Woolsey, Bob Nudelman and others brought up
questions of noise abatement and Bill Becker asked what the outdoor areas
would be relative to residential buildings nearby. Applicants agreed to
have no
amplied music on outdoor areas and pation would be recessed on front of
building. D.J. operations could be done as long as the number was limited and
Chair Woolsey brought up example of Kung Pao Kitty where this was done
36 per year. 220 parking spaces dedicated to the CIM group project occupying
essentially this entire block of Hollywood Blvd. was stated by Ms. Peterson as
the assignment for this project. Rena Dheming objected to the 24-hours of
operation and asked for no operations between 2 and 6 A.M. to be added but
applicant refused to accept this. Motion to support made, seconded, ans
passed 7 for 0 against with 2 abstentions.
5) Presentation by Mike Gonzalez and applicant Rob Vinokur on Crobar Project
at 6506 Hollywood Blvd. This is described as an entertainment-type business
with dining, full alcohol, dancing, and live entertainment included. This
is in the
former Fox Theater. Members of the Hospitality Committe of the Chamber
of Commerce spoke against the project. It would have a capacity of
900 persons and 170 parking spaces. Mr. Vinokur gave a projector presentation
on the company and their product. Rena Dheming had objections to the hours
operation and the crowds of existing clubs. Bob Nudelman brought up
numbers of clubs in area as being excessive and suggested they go downtown.
Vote to table item made, seconded, and passed 7 for 0 against 0 abstentions.
6) Item was removed as applicant James Sinclair of Club Element and
representative Mike Glushon were unable to attend due to a Zoning matter with
this project. Item tabled until November.
7) In public comment Frank Micelli owner of Micelli’s Italian Restaurant spoke
problems with Element including crowds, noise, and public waste issues and
stated opposition to any further entitlements.
8) Scheduling for next meeting made for Tuesday, November 7th and meeting