Meeting Date: 10/21/08 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA

Details: HHWNC Area 3, Business, and Housing Meeting Agenda.
Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA
6:30 PM Sharp.

1) Introductions and reading of minutes.
2) Presentation for general informational purposes only from Millenium Group Partners
on a large mixed-use project on Vine Street in around the Capitol Records Building.
The project is located in Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and they have
received a presentation on it.
3) Public Comment on nonagenda items.
4) Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

HHWNC Area 3, Business, and Housing Meeting
Unapproved Minutes
October 21st
1) The minutes for the previous meeting were read and approved without revision.
2) The presentation for general informational purposes only was made by Millenium
Partners and Argent Developers on the proposed mixed-use commercial and
residential project at Capitol Records on Vine Street. The project is located in
Hollywood United Neighborhood Council. The applicants including Tom Trynin of
Millenium Partners discussed at length how the project is at a very initial stage of
the process. They opted for a ‘ Q & A ” format to gather personal opinions and
suggestions from the community as to the details that might go into their concept.
Housing Chair Paul Ramsey brought up the issues of parking and size of the project
as well just how much retail would go into it. The applicants responded that the
amount would not be that approaching a mall or a concept like Americana in
Downtown Glendale but would be considerable. Area 3 Chair Paul Woolsey brought
up and discussed repeatedly at length throughout the evening the issues of livability
of how much inter-action with the surrounding city-scape there would be. He also
made personal observations about improving the open spaces within the plaza by
adding kiosks and booths with stores and small coffee and dining places such as
the Grove in West Hollywood posseses and also the possibility of performance
spaces within the plaza to give the place a feel of community. The presentation
concluded with CGI illustrations of how the project would look mass-wise with the
existing structures along the Vine Street Corridoor and last but not least with a firm
commitment from the applicants to preserve the historical elements of the Capitol
Studios where many noteworthy recordings have been made over the years.
3) In the Public Comment section Stakeholder Mel Sager thanked us for providing the
the contact info to LAPD Senior Lead Officer for Cahuenga Avenue regarding some
vandalism and break-in problems at his theatrical property located there.
4) Next meeting was scheduled for November before Thanksgiving and adjournment.