Meeting Date: 11/17/09 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Center 6671 Yucca Street

Details: 1)   Introductions and reading of minutes.
2)   Thought of The Month by Stakeholder Katherine Woolsey.
3)   Presentation on CUP renewal and Approval Of Plans for 1710 N. Las Palmas Ave.
      for continued use of a Lounge/Bar/Restaurant with Full Line Of Alcohol, Live
      Entertainment, and Incidental Patron Dancing.   Possible Motion and Vote.
4)   Public Comment on non-agenda items.
5)   Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Un-Approved Minutes for October 27th Meeting.
1)   Minutes for August 18th Meeting read and approved.
2)   Agenda Item 1 dealing with general Zoning and Planning Issues precipitatd by
      up-coming Draft and EIR for Hollywood Community Plan began with Chair
      asking group for general concerns.   Housing Chair Paul Ramsey stated that 
      un-certainties persist in design standards so tht community groups still have little
      idea as to what a project look like or how it impacts the community.   
      Stakeholder Brian Dyer stated at length how parking and traffic impacts of 
      new projects must be of central consideration in any Plan.   Chair Woolsey then
      discussed need for a more appropriate mix of business-types on Hollywood Blvd.
      especially more retail.   Paul Ramsey then made specific remarks about Council
      Office discouraging developers from adding more parking than is needed.    
      Paul Ramsey then made the following motion which was made, seconded, and 
      passes without further discussion.
      HHWNC recommends that before the Draft And E.I.R. of The Hollywood Community
      Plan is finalised that Planning creates, or explain to us if it already exists,  the
      model of how future economic trends in Los Angeles will support and be
      appropriate to the proposed changes in density and mix of uses in the form
      of a Viability Plan.
3)   Chair Paul Woolsey discussed at some length the significant number of CUP
      renewals, known as Approvals Of Plans, that Area 3 will be tackling in the months
      ahead.   Stakeholder Bill Becker mentioned opportunity to correct non-complying
      uses, such as certain estabishments having loud amplified music in areas open to
4)   Motion to schedule next meeting in Mid-November and adjourn made, seconded,
      and passed.