Meeting Date: 12/13/05 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street

Meeting Agenda

1. Introduction and review of minutes from November meeting.

2. Finish business regarding Metro Core Project at 1820 Whitley Street. Possible motion and vote.

3. Presentation by James Sinclair of Paja Group on situation at Club Element 1645 N. Las Palmas. Mr. Sinclair is asking for our support on continued operation of this business while licensing matters with Planning Dept. are cleared. Possible motion and vote.

4. Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson on two new projects. The first is at the Hillview Apartments 6531-6533 Hollywood Blvd. and involves application Restaurant/Bar/Nightclub operations. The second is Kung Pao Kitty Restaurant which is at 6445 Hollywood Blvd. and involves a change in A.B.C Licensing. Possible motions and votes.

5. Presentation by Victor Martin Of Afriat Consulting on a proposed conversion of apartments located at 1832-1850 Grace Avenue into a bed and breakfast inn. Possible motion and vote.

6. Discussion on recent Hollywood parking lot nightlife safety and security concerns and crime prevention measures, led by H.H.W.N.C. Emergency Services, Police and Fire Issue Committee Chair Rena Dheming. Possible motion and vote.

7. Presentation and discussion on human trafficking crimes, led by Hollywood United Neighborhood Council Board Member and H.H.W.N.C. stakeholder Norma Foster. Possible motion and vote.

8. Update from Chair Paul Woolsey on proposed condo project at Las Palmas and Franklin.

9. Public discussion of non-agenda items.

10. Schedule next meeting in January and adjourn.

Minutes of 12/13 Area 3 Committee Meeting.

1. John Lee of Afriat Consulting Made finishing remarks on Metro Core Project at 1802 N. Whitley. This is outstanding matter from previous two meetings. Mr. Lee presented Negative Declaration and Historical Survey Docs as requested previously. Robert Nudelman discussed discrepancies in paperwork city’s in-ability to enforce legal requirements on such projects. His statements included historical status of the buildings and use of hired contractors as consultants re conflict of interest. Rep for Metro stated there is a list of approved such by the City of Los Angeles which they went by. Mr. Lee went through the Neg Dec and Historical documents with group to show compliance of applicant. Housing Chair Frank DeFoe made motion to support project as stated. Motion seconded and passed 13 for, 4 against, and 1 abstained.

2. James Sinclair and Rep Elizabeth Peterson made presentation on Element Club application for C.U.P change application. Club is outside HHWNC boundaries but affects us so matter was taken up by Area 3. Club has been closed for nearly 1 month due to Zoning/Police problems with operating conditions. Mr. Sinclair stated that CUP conditions were inherited from previous tenant and he is clearing up problems and wishes us to support changes allowing him to operate until 2 A.M. with a 3 month Plan Approval. Neighbors spoke including Frank Micelli of Micelli’s Restaurant. He said club patrons had caused problems to his business and Mr. Sinclair replied that problems existed from restaurant as well. Sargeant Russell, of Hollywood Vice LAPD, spoke against Mr.
Sinclair and Club Element being able to extend their current
12am cut-off time of operation, until 2am, as requested by Mr. Sinclair, and recounted conversations he’d had with Mr.
Sinclair, reminding him that he needed to comply with the
conditions of his CUP-instead of violating them. Aaron Epstein, owner of Artisans Patio, stated personal opposition to any more clubs in area. Chair Paul Woolsey pointed out that site is already entitled to operate as such and that it would be better to improve current one than to take chances with next party. Other business neighbors spoke in favor of operation. Chair Woolsey made motion to support application which was seconded. There were discussions with Bill Becker regarding Stakeholder voting reqs after which Chair re-iterated definition of such. All those eligible voted. Motion to support passed 14 for, 1 against, with 2 abstentions.

3. Elizabeth Peterson made presentation on Kung Pao Kitty application for a change in their A.B.C from a Type 41 License to a 47, allowing for full liquor sales. Mr. Epstein re-iterated his opposition to more liquor sales. Chair then pointed out that beer and wine were already sold on-site. Owner Paul Oberman stated his business was hurt by not having a 47 when other restaurants in the area did. Business Chair Thor Lee made motion to support application. Bob Nudelman and Aaron Epstein made objections in discussion about D.J. Chair asked how many nights such are operating and was told number was 3 per month. Mr. Epstein made amendment request that we support with condition of no D.J. Applicant made concession offer of 3 per month as a condition of support which was accepted after much discussion on slippery slope of this business morphing into nightclub. Vote was 16 for, none against or abstaining.

4. Second presentation by Ms. Peterson on Hillview Apartments project. Applicant is former HHWNC Business Chair Geoff Rousze. Specific request was for Area 3 support for restaurant/jazz club in basement of 6531-6533 Hollywood Blvd. Aaron Epstein expressed dis-pleasure that Mr. Rousze would get into club business but as he is personal acquaintance he trusted him. Mr. Epstein made motion which was seconded and passed with stipulation that establishment would be underground only. Passed 10 for, 0 against, 1 abstained.

5. HHWNC Emergency Services, Police & Fire Chair, Rena Dheming, volunteered to defer her presentation on parking lot security for nightclub patrons, to a later date, as the meeting had gone overtime, and there were 2 more agenda items to be heard. She made brief mention of upcoming EMS meeting, and gave out her contact information. No motions or votes took place.

6. Presentation by HHWNC member and Hollywood United N.C. Board member, Norma Foster, on Human Trafficking. She noted a new city suggested mandate that all N.C. board members be trained in this.

7. Presentation by Victor Martin of Afriat Consulting on proposed conversion of 1832-1850 Gace into bed-and-breakfast. Paul Oberman and Bob Nudelman made remarks about changes to this beautiful building to comply with A.D.A and other laws. Motion to support conditional upon applicant returning with documentation of any changes was made and passed 6 for with none against and no abstentions.

8. General comments about Las Palmas and Franklin condo project by Janette, new owner of building on Emmet Terrace. She stated that building parking had been sold off by previous owner and then asked for info on preferential parking.

9. Motion to adjourn made by Chair Paul Woolsey made and seconded. Passed by those still present.