Meeting Date: 12/14/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center meeting room,
6671 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028

Tuesday, December 14, 2004 6:30pm
Yucca Community Center meeting room,
6671 Yucca St, Hollywood, CA 90028
Paul Woolsey, Chairperson


1. Presentation by John Q. Lee, consultant for Afriat Group, on a
proposed residential property development at 6735 Yucca St.
Possible motion and vote.
2. Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson on proposed Parking Overlay Plan
for Hollywood. Possible motion and vote.
3. Presentation by Ms. Peterson again on proposed Gaucho Grill project
at the Jane’s House. Possible motion and vote.
4. Presentation by Brian Dyer on the HHWNC new ad-hoc committee for
Area 3 preferential parking of which Mr. Dyer is the Chair. Possible
motion and vote.
5. Discussion with Yucca Center Staff regarding need for volunteer
assistance with Christmas events.
6. Public Discussion on non-agenda items.
7. Set January meeting and adjourn.

Tuesday, December 14th minutes
1. Elizabeth Peterson unable to attend so agenda items regarding her presentations
until January.
2. Stakeholder Rhena Dheming gave update on situation in the Grant Parking Lot
noise and crowd problems.
3. Presentation by John Lee of Afriat Consulting regarding proposed condo project at
6735 Yucca Street. Project would have 55 Owner-owned units from 1-3 rooms each
with 175 on-site parking spaces. Prices of units would range from 500,000 $
Chair Paul Woolsey asked about restrictions on resident uses of balconies for
and applicant mentioned CCR restrictions would cover these. Applicant asked
for our
support of project including two zoning variances: 1) To increase the hight
limit from
60 to 65 feet to conceal rooftop equipment and 2) To increase the hight limit
of the front
security barrier to 6.5 Feet from 3. This was in response to Chair Woolsey’s
about security for residents. Their was much discussion about what type of
would be used with a preference among committee members for ironwork with plant
for aesthetics. Stakeholder Noah stated concern for historic preservation of
Committee voted to support project 11 for, 0 against, with 2 abstained. This
support for the aforementioned zoning variances.
4. Stakeholder Lena Ghalfoor brought up questions of stakeholder eligibility for
owners as we deal with these often. What are requirements? Chair Woolsey will
DONE to clarify and will report to group in January meeting.
5. Stakeholder Peter D’Alessio made request for items to be placed on January agenda:
1) Have definition of business stakeholder clarified per #4.
2) Review and implement Robert’s Rules of Order.
3) Institute roll call vote on all matters before committee.
4) Ask Board if creation of Jurisprudence position to oversee stakeholder
6. Brian Dyer gave update on HHWNC ad-hoc committee for prefential parking and
efforts to
obtain info from DOT.
7. Adjourned and set meeting date in January of 01/11