Meeting Date: 02/01/11 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yamashiro

Details:  1.  Discussion with LAPD SLO’s on Recent Criminal Activity within Area 4 and Area %.

      a.  Possible Motions.
           1.  Increase LAPD Patrols.
           2.  Secure Franklin/Orange Dr. Park
           3.  And other appropriate motions resulting from LAPD Discussions

2.  Discussion to support Neighborhood Spring Festival
     a.  Possible motion

3.  Discussion for agenda items for next meeting.




HHWNC  Area 4 Joint Meeting with Hollywood Heights

at Yamashiro


TUESDAY February 1, 2011



LAPD SLO Irvin Isabella

Captain Steve Smith, Sheriff’s Dept. CO Camrose Park Office

Phil Peters, Post Security


Meeting called to order at 7:15


We were informed about the crime in the Neighborhood.  An arrest was made in the Break-in at 1930 Orchid.   Talked about incidents along Camrose and the Yamashiro property, Homeless encampments.  During the discussion and public comment the stakeholders talked about what they have seen in the area.  More people going through Trash cans around 2 to 3 am.  Going into their driveways. 


We were given Phone #’s to call 877-ask-lapd (877-275-5273) for non-emergency dispatch. 


Stakeholders were concerned that when they saw Police Activity, helicopters, etc.,  they were not able to find out what was happening in the neighborhood.  Officer Isabella said they could call the Hollywood Front Desk 213-972-2971 and ask.  Press O and that should get you right thru to a live person.  If that person didn’t know they could ask for the Watch Commander.  This should only be done when activity is heard.  Not after the fact. 


Spoke about Neighborhood Watch.  The people who live here know their neighbors, their cars, etc.  If you see people and they seem suspicious, scouting properties, looking for a way in.  Call the police or call Post if you are a subscriber.  Be vigilant.  Be wary.  Don’t be afraid to challenge them.  Use your best judgment.  It’s kind of a gut feeling.  Write down license plate numbers, descriptions, etc.  If you can take photos safely, do it with a cell phone.   


83% of criminals believed they would never be arrested.  Take your things out of the car.  That invites crime.  Put your car in the garage and LOCK IT.  Look after neighbors.  Put lighting around your house.  Motion Lights.  All lights deter crime. Install cameras.  Criminals are looking for an opportunity.  Pay attention to people in your area.


Go to the Police website.


Another website to sign up with is   They send out emails to whatever area you ask to be informed on.  Sheriffs and LAPD


They recently did a homeless outreach because of all the complaints.  People living in the hills above the Bowl.  They were going into people’s backyards, bathing in their pools.  70% have been placed into homes, services and programs.  It’s an ongoing issue that has to be dealt with.


I adjourned the meeting at 8:30pm