Meeting Date: 03/09/10 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Special

Location: Yamashiro Restaurant

Details: 1) Indigo Hotel Project – Discussion with developers and community

-Andy Ulloa and Jarone Johnson Begin Meeting at 6:20pm March 9, 2010

-Purpose of meeting was to familiarize Area 4 and Area 5 stakeholders with Indigo Hotel project

-Presentation:  Ira Handelman, Representative for Indigo Hotel Project – Corner of Highland and Franklin.
Ira:  Public outreach has been going on for many months.  No approvals are being sought through the city at this time.  Current effort is to get support from the communities.

Presentation:  Allen Rifkin, Traffic Consultant for Indigo Hotel
Discussed traffic flow.  Traffic Study has been submitted to the City of LA
Current Plans are Fire Department Compliant

Presentation:  Roger Wolfe, Architect for Indigo Hotel
81 + 20(valet) parking spots
2 room types
Set backs – 12 foot rear, 5 – 10′ front (already back over 20 feet from street due to wide side walk).
Lounge with Bar for hotel guests
5 floors.  67 feet elevation from curb

Q & A
Indigo Hotel was asked if they would change their exterior design to be more in line with community.  Answer:  They are willing to look at alternative designs.

Will there be noise on roof?  A: No
How will this impact traffic?  A: Traffic study submitted.
Is there banquet space?  A:  No
What star hotel will it be?  A: 4 star

Area 4 meeting Concluded at approx 7:30pm