Meeting Date: 03/09/15 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Las Palmas Senior Center





I.          Call to order: 6:03 PM

II.         Approval of January 13, 2015 minutes: Approved

III.        Area 4 Planning and Land Use: 

  1. Presentation by representatvie of Hollywood Chinese Theatres LLC: seeking a license to sell a full line of alcohol for on-site consumption at the Chinese Theater. The theater has 932 indoor seats and 96 outdoor seats. Happy hour is requested. There is no minimum age requirement to enter the premises; Patrons seeking alcohol will be carded. Hours of alcohol sale will be 12noon-2am. Food such as sandwiches, salads and pizaa can be sold in conjunction with the alcohol. Planning Dept case number: ZA 2015-0412. Possible motion and vote for recommendation to HHWNC.

    1. REPRESENTATIVE said alcohol sales requested on the bottom level and in the courtyard from 9:00 am to 2:00 PM. 10 – 20 people on staff. Have been operating with license on the second floor for two years without incident. No LAPD issues. Issues of concern which operator knows is that 1968 Historic Landmark designation was given. Residents and tourists will have, at all times, access to the footprints and handprints and not be impeeded.

      1. STAKEHOLDER stated structure has HPOZ designation. Vendors allowed in the courtyard, where is the seating outside the theatre? Chinese Theatre is landmark. Why would the few food tables outside make or break the theatre?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Owners trying to preserve charecteristics of the building. Operations on the first floor similar to first floor. Have moved some of the courtyard tables back. Tables will hold 96 patrons. Have moved tables further back not to cover the footprints.
      2. STAKEHOLDER said fasttracking of CUP does not necessarily speed things up.
        REPRESENTATIVE: CUP hearing is coming up April 2.
      3. Stakeholder Why does applicant need to sell alcohol in patio area? Why do you need to sell from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM. LAPD would like alcohol sales to end at 10:00 PM. On weekend LAPD in  Applicant would have to put a fixed railing if alcholhol is to be sold, not ropes. For Happy Hour, there is no parking. With street performers and homeless. How do you prevent alcohol purchasing patrons and homeless from inter acting. And children in the area. Showings typically start at 11:30 AM. Why do you need alochol two hours before showing.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Arclight at the Dome several meetings with LAPD.
        STAKEHOLDER: Arclight was designed for outdoor seating). Applicant will take a meeting with LAPD.
      4. STAKEHOLDER: Have you discussed with Hollywood Heritage? Congestion in the plaza. How do you mix tourists with patrons who are blocking access to footprints.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Have not discussed with Hollywood Heritage.
      5. STAKEHOLDER: Why do you need to sell alcohol at 9:00 AM?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Breakfast will be served in Courtyard.
      6. STAKEHOLDER: Why does alcohol need to be sold after the last screeing beginning.
      7. STAKEHOLDER: Tables in courtyard will be blocking escalator access to Hollywood and Highland on the East and to Orange street on the West. Emergency access and routes will be prohibited. With a mandatory railing it would prevent safety access.
      8. STAKEHOLDER: Will there be an increase in security according to the increase in traffic?
      9. STAKEHOLDER: State of CA guidelines for this area not being adhered to.
        Q: Will there be a stipulation for all you can drink prices? In the summer in the heat sales.
        STAKEHOLDER: They are requesting Happy Hour.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Do not know plans on pricing for Happy Hour.
      10. STAKEHOLDER: more than 1,000 people will be allowed to consume alcohol if this is passed.
      11. Motion made to send issue to full board and let full board put back to PLUM if needed. Also, Board may ask for continuance. Motion passed.
  2. Presentation by representative of MGS Equities, Inc. seeking to demolish 10 existing residential units and build a 5-story, 27-unit residential building. Zone change is requested to accomodate 58' 6" height. Planning Dept case number: ZA 2014-4893-CPC-ZC-DB. Possible motion and vote for recommendation to HHWNC.

    1. Representative showed overhead photograph of footprint. Stated applicant does not own front of lot. Proposal to build 27 apartments. 21 one bedroom, 6 are two beedroom. 41 parking spaces. Including 30 spaces for bicycles. Buildling 58.5 ft high. Of the 27 units, subject to SB1818. Zoning two zones RD2, RD1. Proposed zone requested Change from RD 2 to RD1.5. Density bonus for . In high fire severity zone. As such, can not use an on-menu options for SB1818. Off menu request additional units and height (almost double what is allowed). Representative showed perliminary plans.

      Representative showed preliminary, conceptual plans. Said very challenging site. Slopes more than 50 feet. Rather simple building. Three stories with parking. Contemporary design. 58.5 feet measured from lowest point on the site.

      1. STAKEHOLDER: Immediately to the North of site are homes. Will structure of project be higher than other buildings.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Hasn’t been studied yet. But doesn’t believe building will cast any shadows on structures to the North because of elevation difference.
      2. STAKEHOLDER: Three properties above designed by very noted architects, Lloyd Wright, Toriano. Project needs to recognize and impact.
      3. STAKEHOLDER: Empty lot to the South of project. Neighborhod Association (not HHWNC) went through many designs with lot owner on project (Indigo Hotel) and did a lot of work to come up with a great design.. Worked with access in and out, against having a light problem with Hollywood and Highland. But that project was stopped by the Hollywood Fault. Project needs to know about it.
      4. STAKEHOLDER: Concerned with the character of project that it alighns with the homes.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Appreciate the advise. Architects work a lot with the neighborhood to get inspiration and are very open to suggestions.
      5. STAKEHOLDER: Why can’t developers build something that conicides with what is in place. Zoning was set in stone for a reason. Why can’t developers use what is established.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Land costs are so high that buildilng in the zone would not produce enough revenue to cover costs. The other part has to do with the Code itself. Was written in 1946, modified. But never changed completely. Difficult to work with patchwork.
        STAKEHOLDER: Economics against livability.
        REPRESENTATIVE: So many factors come in to play.
      6. STAKEHOLDER: Why would you choose property at the intersection of Franklin and Highland?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Certain developers like design, etc.
        Q” STAKEHOLDER: Lives at top of Sycamore. Stakeholder feels ‘put upon” by the economics of greed and profit against his livability. He bought his home because of the way the neighborhood looked. A wonderful, historic neighborhood. Doesn’t mind property development, but minds and will not allow what will hurt the area. If developer works with his Hollywood Heights Neighborhood Association (not HHWNC) for something reasonable, they will support it. Stakeholder wanted to make sure that this was stated in a public forum.
      7. STAKEHOLDER: SB1818 does not allow for enough parking. Would like more parking. Traffic in that area is horrendous. Nothing against the representatives, who are doing due diligence. But stakeholders are saying there is not enough parking.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Owner has chosen not to use SB1818 to recduce parking.
        Q: Stake holders – thank you.
      8. STAKEHOLDER: LA Times has said that the intersection at Franklin and Highland is the busiest in the City and everyone wants to build there.
      9. STAKEHOLDER: What was approved for at the lot mentioned can be seen at curbed la. Type Indigo Hotel.
        REPRESENTATIVE: Did you like that design?
        STAKEHOLDERS: Beautiful design
        REPRESENTATIVE: One of his partners is one of the architects, but he is not sure if he was the last.
      10. STAKEHOLDER: Not sure if Craftsman at back is on the registry. Check with Hollywood Heritage.
      11. STAKEHOLDER: Do we lose affordable housing?
        REPRESENTATIVE: from 7 to 3. But not sure if those who are in rent control are legal.
      12. STAKEHOLDER: Once one footprint gains economic prominence, the other lots are forced to keep pace, driving up rental prices.
      13. STAKEHOLDER: Have all tenants been evicted?
        REPRESENTATIVE: People are still living there.
      14. STAKEHOLDER: Did owner do due diligence on traffic and street closures and how they will affect property.
        RERPRESENTATIVE: Did not know
      15. STAKEHOLDER: Is property looking directly into the church school (The Oaks) playground?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Did not know
      16. STAKEHOLDER: Will another light come in?
        STAKEHOLDER: Neighborhood will not allow it.
      17. STAKEHOLDER: Are you aware Highland is set to be widened?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Had heard of it.
      18. STAKEHOLDER: What is timeline on project to get it in front of other HHWNC committees?
        REPRESENTATIVE: Do not know when City will give them.

III.        Area 3 Planning and Land Use (previously listed as Area 4 Corrected in meeting):

  1. Presentation by representative of 1901 N. Wilcox: Applicant seeks a variance to permit the continued use of a dry cleaner (Lido Cleaners), along with additional commercial use in a second 870 sq. ft. space, currently tabbed to be a UPS Store. Cleaners have operated in the neighborhood for 55 years. Requested term is for 20 years. Planning Dept case number: ZA 2014-3462-ZV. Possible motion and vote for recommendation to HHWNC.

    1. STAKEHOLDER: Why do you have to apply for continued use.
      REPRESENTATIVE: Zone changed from C Zone in 1986 General Plan. Business had been operating. Needed to ask for Non-conforming. Sunset after grandfathering was five years. So had to reapply. Asking for additional 20 years.
    2. STAKEHOLDER: Will recode LA help you?
      REPRESENTATIVE: We don’t know. Right now, two uses: UPS and cleaners
    3. STAKEHOLDER: Will it affect the new hotel project North of site. Will it interrupt your business?
    4. STAKEHOLDER: What happens to the parking lot off hours? Do clubs use it for valet?
      REPRESENTATIVE: Not sure, but will inquire.
    5. Motion to extend to full board. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

IV.        Area 3 Community involvement

  1. Support for Yucca Community Center Open House/Community Resource Fair on March 28, 2014. Possible motion and vote for recommendation to HHWNC. Possible motion and vote for recommendation to HHWNC.

    1. Representative asking for $250.00 to support bouncers at March 28, 2015 event. CD 13 supporting street closures. CHNC supporting as well. HHWNC will be able to have outreach at event. Youth of the Area will be served. Humana is paying for food.

      1. STAKEHOLDER: Why so low a request. Why not $350.00
        REPRESENTATIVE: Would be able to have a video game center
      2. Motion to provide $350.00 to Yucca Community Center. Seconded. Passed unanimously.

IV.        Area 3 Follow-up: 

  1. 1737 Las Palmas demolition.

    1. STAKEHOLDER: Has calls out to construction and design firms. Originally permitted back in 2014. February of 2010 boarded up. Problem with vagrants. Demolotion permits finalized Sept 17. Finalized November 18.
    2. STAKEHOLDER: Property is in the fault zone.
  2. STAKEHOLDER: Re: Parking, does anyone know how to get building managers to talk with, include.
  3. STAKEHOLDER: The area has the Hyatt coming in, Cherokee project, Rubix (built), 1737, putting two retail spaces, 1949 applied for demolition for six stories. Whole corridor will be a wall of six stories without trees.

V.         Public Comments: comments from the public on agenda items and non-agenda items within the Committee’s subject matter jurisdiction.
VI.        Decision on next meeting date(s): Not deterimined.
VII.       Adjournment: 7:23 PM