Meeting Date: 03/13/07 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street

Details: Area Committees 3 and 4/Business Development, Planning &
Support/Housing & Human Services Issue Committees Joint Meeting

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yucca Community Center
671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA
6:30 P.M.


1) Introduction and acceptance of minutes.
2) Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson and applicant Tad Glauthier for Supper Club Project in the Vogue Theater. Possible motion and vote.
3) Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson on a proposed gourmet market/type business in the Galaxy Complex. This is an Area 4 and Business Agenda Item. Possible motion and vote.
4) Discussion with CRA on re-investment of tax revenues in the Hollywood Community to better serve residents and visitors in a joint manner. Possible motion and vote.
5) Update on efforts to provide area residents with preferred permit parking. Possible motion and vote.
6) Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

Area 4 Committee Hollywood Heights/Hollywood Blvd.

Minutes for the March 13, 2007 Meeting

Location: Yucca Community Center.

This was a joint Committee meeting hosted by Area 3 and including “Business Development, Planning and Support” and “Housing & Human Services, Planning and Support.” Area 4 participated because agenda item 3 was of interest.

Agenda item 3 was to be a presentation on a proposed Tesco food market in the Galaxy Complex. Tesco is a high-end British supermarket chain with branches in countries as far away as Thailand. The scheduled speaker did not show up, however, and no presentation was given. During a brief discussion, the following points were made:

– The arrival of a gourmet food market is expressive of the gentrification of Hollywood.

– As a tenant, Tesco should insist that the Galaxy Complex, which also includes the Knitting Factory, be better patrolled at night, be kept cleaner (stench of urine)- and not become a source of liquor for Knitting Factory patrons.

– The Galaxy Complex is actually located in Area 5 (Outpost). The matter was referred to that area committee for further study.

Minutes prepared by Conrad Schoeffter.