Meeting Date: 06/25/14 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yucca Community Center 6671 Yucca Street

Details: I. Call to Order

II. Dog control – pickup.

The committee will discuss ways to address dog defecation issues in the neighborhood with limited budget and other Animal service issues.

III. Street Vendors

The committee will discuss the pending City Council Motion (CF 13-1493) to permit the sale of food and merchandise by street vendors on City sidewalks and parkways.

IV. Planning and Land Use Management

The committee will be notified of any recent decisions on projects in Area 3/Area 4 or coming before the HHWNC PLUM Committee. Discussion with Housing Committee Chair the status of Hollywood Community Plan and what it means for the area.

V. Communication

The committee will discuss how best to communicate with stakeholders, i.e. email, text blast, postings,

VI. Public Comments – Comments from the public on agenda items and non-agenda items within the Committees' subject matter jurisdiction.

VII. Decision on next meeting date

VIII. Adjournment 

Agenda Subject to Change 72 hours prior to meeting

Wednesday, 06.25.14 6:30 PM Yucca Community Center – 6671 Yucca St, Los Angeles Regular

Agenda to be posted.
Parking available on the street or to the North at the Las Palmas Senior Center, 1820 N Las Palmas Ave.
Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Joint Meeting
Area 3 – Area 4- Housing Committee
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street, Los Angeles CA 90028
1. Call to Order at 6:34
Joyce introduced herself and asked the public to go around the room.
Eleven stakeholders were in attendance. Six from area 3, two from area 4.
Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting 1-7-14 by Jeff Papes, second by Annie Gagen. Approved by unanimous vote.
2. Dog Control- pickup discussion. Information and Recommendations included:
More trash receptacles recommended.
More enforcement needed
City requests that you take a photo, find the address of the person and they will send a citation. Fine is $20
Suggestion to ask Dan Holden, new council rep for area 3 to walk the streets with us
Sidewalks are a mess and no one appears to be picking it up or enforcing.
Request funding for doggie bag receptacles
Possibly signage, more cans
Enforcement fine has to be greater to get people to comply
Infraction fine for property owners
Video cameras
Request assistance from community service HLAB: Jeff to reach out to them
Issue tabled to next meeting for further discussion.
 3. Street Vendors
Hollywood Bowl and Hollywood Blvd have this problem; selling hot dogs; no regulations; health and safety issue.
There is a motion at City Council to make the Street Venders legal
Even if the venders are “legal” there is no enforcement now and that is not likely to change.
Senior lead officer, Danny Pasquet (213) 793-0702; is supportive of assisting with this issue and can offer insight; recommend inviting him to a meeting.
A strong letter bringing up these points to be recommended to the full board to send to City Council from Area 3 and Area 4
Jeff moved that Area 3 & 4 write a letter to the city letting them know that we do not support this and encourage stakeholders to attend the council meeting in protest.
Motion seconded by Annie; APPROVED UNANAMOUSLY; 11 Stakeholders
4. Planning and Land Use Management
Introduction of new projects in HHWNC and PLUM committee
Introduction by Housing Chair, JoAnn Koplin. She sits on the PLUM committee and represents all HHWNC areas. It is important to understand the concerns and priorities in each area and to that end she developed a list of potential criteria that each area could evaluate and prioritize. The list was handed out to those present and each member present was asked to identify their top 5 issues. The list included:
Criteria for design
Community input
Developers come to us with requests for:
Variances from what would be permitted in a specific zone on a specific lot
Approval of a conditional use permit required for their project           
Character of neighborhoods          
Full questionnaire See Appendix 1
All stakeholders submitted their sheets and indicated this to be a powerful way to create consensus on issues of concern. Area representatives will be able to represent these issues when projects are submitted for approval.
Stakeholder moved polling sheet be posted on website and made available to all HHWNC areas.
Motion seconded.
Passed Unanimousl
Area 3 representative agreed to collect data sheets and develop a chart to show response to issues.
4. Presentation of recently passed and upcoming projects in Area 3 and or Area 
QUESTION: Do developers attend the PLUM committee first or the Area committee?
ANSWER: We recommend that you go to a PLUM committee first and the Area chair will be invited and will notify their stakeholders. In some cases, the PLUM committee will recommend attendance at an area committee meeting for stakeholder input.
PROJECT: 1751 LAS PALMAS: Asking for a variance for setbacks to add a sixth story to an approved five story approved permit with a loft.
PROJECT: FORD THEATER: Project plans are on view at the two libraries. Public comment until August 8th. Informational meeting on July 14th.
Animals/ wildlife corridor issue
PROJECT: Blade sign at Hollywood and Highland for “Busters”. On agenda at the next PLUM meeting
PROJECT: Dreams: Hollywood Blvd. 4 restaurants with different themes and a bar
Issue may be sound for the neighbors.
Will we have any idea who will run the restaurants? Are they subcontracting? Are the tenants part of the proposal?
We have become “Club land” in Hollywood. Is there any regulation limiting the number of restaurants, bars or liquor licenses?
PRESENTOR: Ira Handelman: Community Outreach working on development projects; works all over the City and tries to do projects that stakeholders support. Projects described included:
i.    Project on Musso & Franks parking lot. Community requested more retail and it has been incorporated into the project. August 5th.
Nikelodion: Mid rise (5 stories) Building a couple hundred units scoping session to be notified July 15th from 5-7 at the Taglyan Center on Vine.
Hotel project on Yucca and Argyle. Will be coming this year.
Robertson Properties own the Pacific theater lots and are in the early stages of planning. Probably a hotel, retail and offices.
Projects are not always brought to PLUM. Area 3 chair announced that everyone will be notified of projects in Area 3 and 4. He also added that everyone should pay attention to the HHWNC website, email and projects posted on the PLUM link.
If you can’t attend, send Brian an email with your concerns and he will represent your point of view.
Next HHWNC PLUM meeting is Monday August 4th at the Durant Library
5. Public Comments: None
6. Next Area 3/Area 4 Meeting: Thursday July 24th
7. Adjournment: 8:06