Meeting Date: 3/9/10 6:00 pm

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Yamashiro’s Restaurant


The Joint Area 4 and Area 5 meeting is being called to review the proposed Indigo Hotel project to be located at 1815, 1837 & 1841 N. Highland, just north of the church parking lot on the corner of Highland and Franklin. The proposed project is a 6 story 108-room boutique hotel with a pool and cafe/lounge on the penthouse floor. The gross building area is 67,120 sq feet with 81 parking spaces at a height of 67 feet. The hotel entrance will be from Franklin Avenue (proposed extension of Franklin Ave. North of the Church).

Area 5 meeting will be reconvened after the joint 4/5 meeting to discuss and vote on various traffic, safety and beautification proposals.

1) Presentation on Indigo Hotel Project
2) Questions and comments from Stakeholders – speaker cards required 2 min. limit per person
3) Possible Motion
4) Adjourn joint area 4/5 meeting
5) Reconvene Area 5 meeting
6) Traffic and Safety Proposal for Outpost Drive
7) Speed Reduction Proposal for Outpost Drive
8) Beautification Proposal for intersection of Franklin and Outpost
9) Enforcement of City Ordinances and Vehicle code – Sight Seeing Tour Vans
10) Agenda items for next meeting