Meeting Date: 08/24/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Women’s Club on La brea
with pizza and soft drinks.

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
6:30 to 8:30 PM
Women’s Club of Hollywood
1749 North La Brea Avenue
Hollywood, California 90046
‘The Lounge’
(Free parking adjacent to building)

1) Welcome & Introductions – by Anastasia Mann, Chair

2) LAPD Air Support Report – Helicopter noise, etc. (held over from last meeting) – Leut. Richard Dyer presenting (Possible Vote)

3) AREA CRIME REVIEW -Sr. Lead Officer Dale Hickerson – HILLSIDE/LA BREA Area VANDALISM – Brant Rose (Possible Vote)

4) RUNYON CANYON STATUS RE: PARKING LOT -Discussion of current status/announcement of Sept. 9th meeting with HHWNC and officials.

5) PERMIT PARKING – Status report: Jonathan Brand – District 4 Planning Deputy; Cutter Garcia (report on permit request) (Possible Vote)

6) Hollywood-Highland Presentation of New Plans- Cindy Chong VP/GM CIM Group (new owners of H-H)

7) NO HONKING SIGN AT LA BREA & FRANKLIN – Cutter Garcia (Possible Vote)


9) HOLLYWOOD BUNGALOW PROJECT – TRAFFIC STUDY – Update from Sept 19th Area 5 meeting on Proposed Development on Cahuenga West (Possible Vote)

10) CONGRESS OF NEIGHBORHOODS- Next Meeting: October 9TH(announcement)

11) FIRE DEPT – August 31st Meeting with Fire Dept Chief Bamattre (announcement)

12) STREETS IN AREA 5 – RE-PAVING Discussion (Possible Vote)



Minutes Detail
Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

Tuesday, August 24th, 2004
6: 30 to 9:30 PM
Women’s Club of Hollywood
1749 North La Brea Avenue
Hollywood, California 90046
“The Lounge”
(Free parking adjacent to building)


1) Welcome & introductions by Anastasia Mann, Chair – 6:45 pm
Stakeholders were asked to register and enjoy pizza and soft drinks throughout the meeting.
2) RUNYAN CANYON & PERMIT PARKING – Chief Deputy to Tom LaBonge, Rory Fitzpatrick discussed Councilman’s LaBonge’s decision to recommend to the Dept. of Recreation & Parks’ Board of Commissioners to create a parking area inside the Fuller entrance to Runyan Canyon for up to 85 cars. He also gave the details regarding a petition by 2200 park users requesting the Councilman ask the Dept. of Transportation to review the current preferential parking policy as it applies to neighborhoods adjacent to city parks. A number of residents of Area 6 were in attendance and asked numerous questions of the deputy, all of which he answered in great detail. Re: Runyan area street parking, the neighborhood adjacent to the lower Runyan entrance has applied to the city for permit parking but a decision has not yet been reached. He also spoke to the issue of re-paving concerning many residents of the area and clarified the issue that concrete is no longer an option for re-paving streets anywhere in Los Angeles. Only asphalt is used. District 4 gets 4 miles of “re-paving budget” per fiscal year.
HONKING & LA BREA/FRANKLIN: Rory said LA does not have a policy in place for NO HONKING signs. He promised a deputy would get back to us on that issue. The dangers of crossing the street at the VERY busy corner of La Brea and Franklin were discussed with no resolution.
3) LAPD Air Support: Officers Angela Krieg and Kevin Webb addressed the attendees regarding the policies of police helicopter patrols over the Hollywood Hills and adjacent streets. The dept. has a pro-active policy and has scheduled hours in the air per shift so the teams are available to respond immediately to any questionable or dangerous situation on the ground. They said their concerns match our over sightseeing helicopters and news media helicopters which can create a hazardous situation in the air for the police air patrols. Residents are welcome to call their office at any time to inquire about an LAPD helicopter flyover as well as to report any problems with other helicopters (news media, etc.). The number is: 213-485-2600. They also responded to questions regarding US Army helicopters and explained that training exercises continue to occur over the area near the Hollywood Bowl (not on Bowl nights). They recognize our area as noise sensitive; however the Cahuenga Pass (Hollywood Fwy) is a route to the Valley that they use frequently and for shift changes. After some discussion of concerns about safety and fire issues at night in Runyan Canyon, the officers volunteered to do flyovers at night to check on the park for people there for unauthorized reasons (campfires, transients, etc.). The fire danger this summer is at a critical stage. Ms. Mann took a show of hands of those supporting the flyover idea and the “vote” was unanimous. The audience thanked the officers with a round of applause.
4) AREA CRIME REVIEW: Sr. Lead Officer Dale Hickerson discussed the crime situation in our area. He said we do not have a lot of violent crime, mostly property crime including such incidents as car break-ins and thefts. The most sought-after cars to vandalize are Toyota Camrys and Hondas. Neighbors Toochis & Brant Rose discussed their unfortunate situation with having their car tires slashed twice. All 93 acres of Runyan Canyon after-hours is a main concern to Hollywood LAPD and Officer Hickerson asked neighbors to call 877-ASK-LAPD to report any transients or others entering or leaving the Park during off hours. For repeat incidents or potentially dangerous incidents, he asked that he be called on his cell phone: 213-793-0704. In answer to a question he explained that the “Boot” is placed on cars whose owners have not paid 5 citations or more. Any potential “hate crimes” should be reported to Hollywood Division ASAP. Officer Hickerson stated that Post Security and other private patrols are a major asset to the neighborhood. The audience thanked him for his time with a round of applause.
5) HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND: Cindy Chong, VP & GM of the CIM Group and her associates, Terry Migliaccio, VP Leasing and Annette Bethers, Marketing addressed the group regarding all the innovations in place and planned for the development. The Tuesday night Jazz & Wine Tasting nights have been extended for five more weeks (from 7 -9 pm) due to popular demand! The $10 donation goes to Project Angel Food. In October they propose to start a neighbor-friendly program at Mann Theatres where local residents will automatically be upgraded to VIP seating when they show a special card. This coming weekend (Aug 28th and 29th) they will host the Chalk Festival with artists from all over the country creating art on the walkways of H-H. There will be music and wine tasting and special activities for children. They requested that neighbors email to Terry their requests for their favorite stores, etc. His email address is: [email protected]. CIM Group is the creator of other wonderful area developments including Old Pasadena & 3rd Street Promenade. They purchased H-H in Feb. ’04 and are very vested in the neighborhood with many other building purchases and development plans to improve Hollywood Blvd.
6) HOLLYWOOD BUNGALOW PROJECT: Ms. Mann gave a re-cap of the Joint Area meeting on August 19th to the attendees regarding the proposed development known as the Banana Bungalows. The audience held some discussion with questions and answers from those that attended the meeting and read the traffic study that the developers (DS Ventures) provided prior to the meeting. Michael Meyer made the motion: “We are opposed to the zone change and the project known as the Banana Bungalows as it is currently presented.” Dr. Laura Fox seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.
7) RE-PAVING: A discussion took place regarding the options of re-paving Outpost Road with asphalt vs. concrete and/or patches. Several attendees held very strong opinions on both sides. Michael Meyer, president of the OHA, felt that a vote should be postponed until an upcoming meeting with Chief Deputy Fitzpatrick and the Beachwood Drive homeowners & representatives of OHA.
After much debate- some heated – resident Bob Livingston moved “to recommend that Outpost be re-paved in asphalt. Jerry Pinacola and Margaret Ross seconded the motion simultaneously. A vote was taken after further discussion. The motion carried.
8) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Leaflets on upcoming meetings with the Fire Dept (Aug.
31st) and DONE ‘s Congress of Neighborhoods (Oct. 9th) were distributed along with Ms. Mann’s request for all attendees to take or fill out on the premises a copy of the HHWNC Survey.
9) PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment on issues not on the agenda
10) ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:35 pm.