Meeting Date: 07/07/09 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will and Ariel Durant Library

Details: This meeting is to solicit ideas for area improvements and to learn of problems and issues from stakeholders.  It is a townhall style meeting with an open agenda. 

Possible issues are crime, traffic, beautification efforts, emergency preparedness, and any suggestions for area improvements.

All area 6 residents and stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Area Six Regular Meeting
Will & Ariel Durant Library
7140 W. Sunset Boulevard


Attending: Allison Stein, Jason Zelin, Stacy Sillins, Nora Graham, Sophia Ann Montoya, Susan Profitt Wattles, John Chase, Susan Morris, Yolanda Beckles, Area Six Chair PJ Pesce

PJ Pesce opened the meeting at approximately 6:45 by inviting stakeholders to introduce themselves and speak about issues that concern them. Pesce informed the group this was to be a town-hall style meeting.

Allison Stein said that parking and noise issues at Wattles Park are their biggest concerns.

Dietrich Nelson let us know that he’s forming, with Justine Haliday, a Lower Nichols Canyon Neighborhood Association, and that his concerns are with crime and beautification of the area.

Sophia Montoya asked about brush clearance and water usage—she’s afraid that she’s going to get a letter about her usage, but pointed out that hillside residents need to keep their plants green and growing for fire protection.

Pesce suggested we set up a meeting between the DWP and LAFD to inform them of our issues and see if they can’t grant dispensation to hillside residents.

Nora Graham asked whether or not we can try and get drought resistant fire retardant plants supplied? Stacy Sillin pointed out that the Theodore Payne foundation might donate plants, and promised to ask her contact with that organization. Pesce said he would speak to Chief Drake about setting up a meeting.

Justine Haliday, who is working with Dietrich Nelson on the Lower Nichols Canyon Association asked how can we get more people involved, invested?

Stacy Sillin from Upper Nichols mentioned traffic, speeding, crime and brush clearance as her and her neighbors’ top concerns. She also made a strong point: that by asking city organizations and representatives how we can help them do their jobs, how we can take some of their crushing workload off their plates and make their jobs easier, we will likely get more done.

Yolanda Beckles made a short presentation asking for the HHWNC’s help in funding a summer camp for low income children that she’s trying to create. She promised to send a budget to Pesce; all agreed that in theory this is the sort of thing we would like to support.

Susan Profitt Wattles introduced John Chase, and both gave an impassioned plea on behalf of the gardens at Wattles Park. John gave a brief explanation of the situation there: Hollywood Heritage had been renting from the city and had a full time caretaker there. Now that the city has taken over, no one is minding the store, and the beautiful gardens are in danger of falling into ruin. Can we not do something akin to what they have at Poinsettia Park, where a neighborhood committee has taken stewardship of the park? The City of LA doesn’t have the time or resources to care for this landmark; John is a gardener, knowledgeable, willing to put in time. Can we put together a join meeting with areas 6 and 7 and the Parks and Rec Dept?

If not cared for, this can become a safety hazard.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm.